Monday, January 17, 2005

Goodbye Jen

Guatemaltecan Soldiers photo by James Sexton.


I can't imagine being a woman in the military. I am in awe of some of the women who are in the military who really do try to balance being a woman, being a soldier, wife if they are, mommy if they are, etc.

Soon a good friend of ours is heading off to Iraq. Her husband has been in Korea since Fall of 2003, and in late summer of 2004 his unit went to Iraq. They were only married for about 2 months when he left for Korea. Their marriage is really suffering because of the military, yet they are soldiers and whether they like it or not, the Army does come first before Family.

As Jen said goodbye, she shared with me her fears and her desire to not go. Who can blame her. She's scared. She knows many who've made it home safely, and many who did not. Her own husband, who btw is a great friend of ours (was our friend before we met Jen actually..Chad and Kenyata actually worked together) lost his hearing in one ear, after an IED landed beside him and exploded. He's soon if not already being fitted for a hearing aid, in hopes that he has not lost all hearing in that ear.

I think often people romanticize our soldiers and forget they are REAL people. They have people who care about and love them. Now don't get me wrong, they ARE Hero's. They are also everyday people. Some are plain and simple stupid human beings and the thought of them defending our country is truly frightening. There are some who are too smart for their own good, there are some who are just silly goofy people, there are some who are so full of love and kindness you can't imagine them doing things that they may have to do while in war. There are some who are Army to their bones, and there are some who are well just who they are. I don't know if that makes any sense. Either way though, they are all hero's. They all CHOSE to join this military and no matter their personal beliefs of this war..they go because it's their DUTY. Country comes before personal wants. Too few people make the call of duty today. I am honestly saddened and little sickened by the small amount of people who join some sort of military branch. I read a couple months ago that only 1% of ALL US citizens are in the military.

Right now, though I want to focus on my friend who I am saying goodbye to. I pray that she's kept safe, comes home safe, and grows in GOD while she's over there. I worry about her leaving. I can't imagine as "just a" woman having to face going to a country that for years has not valued women. She's not a mother and honestly I'm thankful for that, because I think it'd kill her to have to leave a child.

Tonight, as I get ready to go to bed. I pray for all our soldiers, but especially our women who are serving in the military. They do have a special role in this war and I respect them for their job and pray for them.


GOD Bless Our Service Women and Men, we're so lucky to have you.


pixiedustnme said...

Saying good-bye is always hard, and so much more so when you know your neighbors are "going to war".  Even though we see it on the news almost every day it's hard to remember that there is a face and a family behind every story.  I'll remember to keep Jen in my prayers :-)

my3gifts said...

Thanks Kelly for keeping Jen in your prayers. I can't imagine being 21 yrs old and going off to war. At 21 I had just had Jordyn and was savioring the life of being a new mommy.
I think I'm always amazed at the different paths we are all led down.

fairylaura said...

I'll say a prayer for your friend. Along with all the other soldiers (including my husband) over there. Take care.


robinngabster said...

Amen! Keep us posted on her and how she is doing. I am so very grateful for the scrafices she has made for my freedom.