Saturday, September 20, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I'm Home!!!!!!!!! Suffering from jetlag, BAD...but so thrilled to be home! We landed about 3 pm German time, got home about 9:30 pm. The airline broke my stroller, so had to file a claims for that (it's the military so it's going to take a while of course!!), then forgot what floor my car was parked and had a mini panic attack, but one of the airmen working at the airport there at Ramstein and another airmen went and found it!! (I thought it was on the 8th floor, it was on the 3rd). Whew! Grabbed some Taco Bell for a late lunch/dinner, filled the gas tank up, and off we went. We got out of there at about 6 or so, not a lot of traffic, it was a pretty smooth drive home and I have never been so happy to be home!!!!


The 7 weeks away was full of about everything from joy to anger...peace to annoyance.

It was WONDERFUL seeing my brother, my Emily, Tami, and amazingly my inlaws. I can't say it was so wonderful seeing my parents. There are now new boundaries being set with them. Chad and I have a lot to discuss on just what exactly we'll be doing there, but the boundaries will be HIGH and STRICT and right now communications will be VERY limited. I must protect my family and what we feel is in our children's best interest. Having an ocean between us is a HUGE help, but knowing that one day we will indeed move back to the states, these boundaries need to be determined and set now.

I will say that if I've learned anything, it's how I will and will NOT be with my children when they become adults and parents, etc.

I have lots of pictures, I'll share a few here as I finish editing them.

Emma turned 1 and is starting to take steps. My baby girl is growing up and it's too fast for me. She's even more beautiful than just a few months ago I think! She's a mess that's for sure, but a wonderful, beautiful mess! I think she may actually be a little more spoiled now than she was! :X Jackson turned 5 while we were gone. My goodness it seems like he was just toddling around and now he's no longer a toddler. We will begin kindergarten work on Monday. Jacob will begin 2nd grade work on Monday. Jacob's great. The kids had a great time in the states and Jacob definately took leaving places the hardest.

My places leaving that were the hardest was definately Emily and Tami's. I'm so truly blessed to have the two most amazing best friends a woman could ask for. I just adore them and love them with all my heart.

We also ended our trip with an unplanned extended stay with my dear friend Beth. We met when Jordyn was dying, she found Jordyn's caringbridge page. She's the mother of 7 and 1 foster daughter. Her oldest (son) is a leukemia survivor and at the end of this month will celebrate 15 yrs since his bone marrow transplant that his little brother donated! We were initially only going to spend one night there, but extended it a few extra nights! LOL I had a nice break while I was there and the kids had a GREAT time!!!

I have tons to do now that we're home and need to get out of this lazy housework phase and get my butt in gear. Tomorrow is the day that housework begins. I do have most of my travel laundry done. Tomorrow is cleaning the kitchen (dishes, floors, etc), and my dining room so we have a nice calm space for school!

I'll be turning my alerts back on in a couple days. I am going to try to pace myself. Getting caught up on emals first then we'll get back into journal/blog mode!

God Bless

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