Tuesday, September 23, 2008


First tomorrow I plan to add some pictures of our trip on here.

It's 3:21 am and I'm finally feeling tired, thankfully because I have to be up in 4 1/2 hrs for me to make it to PWOC/bible study in the morning. I have the boys school books all set out as well as some art supplies. I'm going to let them each take a puzzle and a board game as well with them so if they finish their school work up they have things to keep them busy. We now have a homeschool group with in PWOC so those of us mom's who homeschool can still have our bible study.

I talked to my friend B tonight and her husband was told that he should have his orders by tomorrow for their move in November. I'm so absolutely sad over this I don't know what to do. I've obviously had worse things happen in my life.  I've been blessed to have some good friends as military wives, but B has been truly a best friend and I love her and her family and the thought of having to go through most of this deployment without her is so hard for me. I find myself crying quite a bit thinking of her not being here. We've spent nearly everyday for the last 1 1/2-2 yrs together. My oldest son and her son are best friends and I don't have the heart to tell him, well either of my boys that they're leaving so soon. I don't know when to tell them honestly. This is going to be devestating for them. They love B's whole family and it's so hard for them to have Chad gone and to now lose them. Then in December two more very good friends are leaving and their kids are all good friends of my boys too. I will say that I think this winter is ultimately just going to suck for us. I really just feel sick at the thought of all this and want to bury my head in the sand and pretend, but reality is staring me right in the face of what's about to happen in the next 2 months. Please be praying for me and my family as we say goodbye to friends who are more than friends, but family. B is like a sister to me. She has an identical twin and calls me their triplet. Part of me regrets going to the states,  because I could have spent those weeks with her and I won't get that time back.

This is a part of the Army life I DETEST. I know what life was like before B moved here and it's been so much better with her here. To have a friend that you can just be yourself with 100% and know she loves you faults and all, is a precious gift and I KNOW that. I do NOT want her to leave. Oh how I don't want her to leave.

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