Monday, August 11, 2008

Hi again! :)

I know here I am again, just one night later! Things were better today, still some tension, but the day was gotten through and that's all to the glory of GOD!!! He's so good. In the morning the kids and I head out. Today we went and got my rental, it's the same type of van I'm planning to buy actually! It's a Honda Odessy and it's wonderful! The boys love that it has a dvd player in it (that's all they wanted of course! LOL). 

Tomorrow we'll be stopping at our former neighbors from Ft. Riley. We'll spend the night with their family and then get up Wed morning and head to Kentucky! I'm so absolutely excited to get to Emily's and spend time with her and her family. We've hardly talked the last 2 weeks, well really 3 weeks (when you count the week of me just trying to GET to KS! Got to Loooove Space A). So we have lots to talk about!

Well, thank you for the prayers over last nights post and please continue to pray for us in all situations, especially now in the immediate for travel safety.

God Bless

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