Friday, September 26, 2008

Taking a Stand

I've barely if at all written anything about our Presidential race. Well if you know me at all, you know I have an opinion on who I'm voting for as well as many other things.

One I'm a VERY CONSERVATIVE Republican. I'm also a Christian. I don't know how anyone who's a Christian can ever say they're liberal, the two do NOT go together. So with that, I would think it's clear who I'm voting for, but just to throw one more thing in there...I'm PRO-MILITARY and with that it means SUPPORTING in all ways my husband and his fellow troops. I'm against an all out pull out. I think if we EVER did that, it says that all those who died, died in vain. I think we need more troops in Afganistan. I know there are far more legistics involved in lowering the numbers in Iraq and upping the numbers in Afganistan that I and 99% of American's just simply do NOT understand. I think if we want to continue to keep our country safe from Terrorism we must continue to fight the terrorists in the countries that the majority of them are from. So in case it's not obvious, I'm voting for the only MAN who's ever actually fought for our country and paid the price for standing up for what he believed in...McCain and Palin. What McCain lacks (and there's plenty, oh there is definately plenty) he showed his genious in bringing Palin in as his VP.

Anyways....the next part is what I'm even MORE passionate about. Children! I love my kids, absolutely, positively adore them. I'm not a perfect mother, but I would go to the ends of the earth to protect them if need be.Anways, I was reading one of the websites that I get emails from and this article really struck me. I'm PROLIFE. I think life begins at conception. I believe the only one who can determine if a life is to end is God himself. I think that abortion is murder. I think it should be outlawed, no exceptions. I pray for those who've had abortions because if they're not dealing with the death of their baby now, they will when they face our Lord and Savior. . I read this article and had to share it:

Which girl would you have chosen? (

It was the annual "Summerfest" in a community about 60 miles west of Chicago. We were expecting rides and cotton candy, but were greeted instead by tractors and a pork chop dinner. The crowd was populated by just plain folks — old and young, enjoying the easy camaraderie of small town life. One family stood out. It was a mom and dad with a boy about eight I'll call "Johnny."


We had come to see a Chicago band, awkwardly positioned on a flatbed truck, who didn't disappoint. They delivered great Chicago-style blues and rock, but as great as they were, they were promptly upstaged by Johnny. As the band started, he bolted to the grassy area before the stage and began to dance deliciously. He didn't just have one "move," he had lots of them with finger strategically pointed, and attitude enough for the whole band. As the singer jumped off the stage, Johnny would follow, imitating him playing harmonica and clutching his cordless mic as he serenaded a select few. When he finished a set and took a bow, Johnny took his, too...deeply, like a shadow on the lawn. The crowd roared and I was especially delighted when he came to serenade me with his imaginary microphone. I wanted to grab and hug him, but he would have none of it.
I looked down the row to see his parents standing silently, not with wild cheering but with wonder, amazement and...pride. You see, Johnny has Down syndrome. It was a moment parents of special needs kids seldom get to enjoy.
It struck me in that moment that nearly 90 percent of babies born with Down syndrome are now aborted. Most Johnnys never get the chance to delight a crowd or bring deep, abiding joy to their parents — because they never get a chance to live.
It was a Down syndrome baby that nurse Jill Stanek cradled until death at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois, denied of food or medical treatment. Another imperfect baby, unwanted by its parents, starved out of existence.
When legislation to prevent such callousness and neglect sprang to life as a result of Stanek's story, Barack Obama spoke out against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. He argued that it was unfair to the mothers to let these babies live — that it would turn back abortion rights (as though infanticide and abortion were in the same legal ballpark). He voted against the legislation and tried to persuade others in the Illinois legislature to follow his lead. On the issue of abortion, he later publicly declared that he wouldn't want his daughters "punished with a baby," should they find themselves pregnant and unmarried. With that perspective Obama would surely find a Down syndrome baby beyond punishment.
It's not the only time in human history when something like this has happened.
In attempt to breed the Aryan race, the Nazis began a systematic extermination of "useless eaters." Videos were produced to illustrate the horrors of the disabled and thousands were led to their death with the approval of the German citizenry. One notable exception was Dietrich Bohhoeffer, a pastor later hanged to death with a piano wire for opposing the Nazis. In the face of the Aryan tide he penned these words: "Not only do the weak need the strong, but the strong need the weak."
One has only to be the parent of a child like Johnny to grasp the truth of Bonhoeffer's words. The Johnnys of the world teach us to endure with perseverance, build character and allow for a love that wells up from a place too deep for words to describe.
Sarah Palin gets it. That's why she and husband Todd chose not to abort baby Trig in spite of his alleged imperfections. To some, he is a "useless eater." He will never win the snow machine race his father is famous for or be mayor or governor of anything, but Sarah and Todd know the value of his life in ways that can never be explained to a man like Barack Obama. A baby like Trig is a precious life. And the baby carried by his sister is not punishment.
In his book The Power of the Powerless, Christopher De Vinck tells the story of his severely disabled brother, Oliver. As Christopher grew older and began dating, he brought his girlfriend to the family farmhouse and eventually asked if she would like to meet Oliver. Since Oliver lived on the top floor and had to be fed and diapered by family members, the first girl said a polite "no." The next girl, however, said, "Yes!"...climbed the stairs, crawled up on the bed with Oliver and proceeded to patiently spoon feed him.
"Which girl would you have married?" asked De Vinck. The power of the powerless; the ability of the helpless or infirm to reveal not their infirmity, but the character of those around them.
We have two candidates, one for president and the other for vice president, with very different views on the value of life. What does their attitude toward the Johnnys of this world — or the tiny lives who have come inconveniently — tell us about them? And by the way, which girl would you have chosen?


Sandy Rios is host of the "Sandy Rios Show," heard weekdays from 3 to 5 p.m. on WYLL AM1160 in Chicago and serves as president of Culture Campaign, a non-profit dedicated to awakening a sleeping army of concerned citizens never before involved in public policy. This column is printed with permission.


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Children are a blessing no matter how they come to us. They may appear "perfect" or have "imperfections".  They're perfect in God's eyes and that's all that matters. When you go to the polls in November I urge you to remember how Obama looks at an innocent child, as a burden vs a blessing. When we begin to think that killing our future is the answer to making life easier for us in the here and now because of poor decisions, we're making a statement for our eternal life as well. If we don't take a stand now and say that abortion is not ok, that killing our children because it's not a convinent time in our life, that our age is too young (or too old), that the child will not be the perfect child that we wanted then how do we ever expect to stand in front of our Lord? Because let me tell you, each and every one of us should have been aborted from God's love..yet through the Grace of the Ultimate Sacrifice of Christ Jesus...we will be able to stand before him with our slate wiped clean. How can we possibly elect a man who says murdering babies is ok? I definately have more opinions on all of this, but better stop now, at least for tonight.

God Bless

I leave you with our Lord's words:

Jeremiah  1:5

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew* you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations."

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