Friday, April 25, 2008

Gas prices and Bingo

So I've been meaning to write about the gas prices for a while, and not to complain...I know shocking an American not whinging about gas prices...why because I'm priveleged enough to live in Germany and although we're paying $3.63 at station here on post, it'd be far worse if we HAD to pay off post why you ask? Well because if I had to pay their prices I'd be paying over are you ready for this? Are you sure? I mean come on American's are complaining about gas that's less than $4.00 a gallon.....ok here goes...for the cheap stuff gas is over $9.00 a GALLON. Did you read that people? NINE DOLLARS A GALLON. The gas here is in liter's, but Chad and I figured it out. Do you get it yet? American's ARE BLESSED. WE ARE even with the price of Gas, it's still cheaper. Do I like paying what we do for gas, no, but I get that nothing's going to change at least not that much. It's not the President setting the prices, although I do wish the Government would step in and put a stop to how prices are set, because it could be cheaper at least for the US.

Now Bingo! I went to a bingo where the prizes were various baskets filled with items. I normally don't win, actually I've only won once since living here and playing bingo. It seems it's always the same people who not only always win at Bingo, but often win multiple times! So tonight my friend Bobbie wins, either the first or second game, I can't remember. She picks hers which is a cooler filled with all these awesome things for traveling. It was/is really awesome! The next game someone else wins and then the next game...I won! I picked out a basket full of games, I know our family will have fun with it! Then a couple games later I got a Bingo again and so did another friend of mine. When there's more than one winner and you both have Bingo they take a deck of cards and you draw and who ever has the highest card wins...I pulled out a 6 of spades and so I just knew I had lost and then she pulls out a 4 of spades! Score!! I took the cooler with various items for BBQ'ing! Bobbie came close another game, she was 1 away and of course the next game that starts that "one" was the first number called! Go figure! We had a blast though! I left the boys home with Chad and Bobbie's son stayed here too (and now he's sleeping over). I took Emma and Bobbie took her daughter and they were both good. We walked, so a lady we know took our stuff for us and will bring it over in the morning! When I get them here I'll take pictures and post them!

BTW, I'm still working on Ireland pictures. There's seriously just not enough time in the day! LOL One of these days I will finish editing and renaming them, etc! I'm off to bed!


lv2trnscrb said...

good for you winning Bingo those times and awesome gifts; can't wait to see the pictures of them; I loved going to play Bingo with my mom

wow, amazing price for gas there!! we do gripe about a lot of stuff, don't we, we truly are a blessed country, why the Lord keeps blessing America I don't know, but I'm glad he does


jfourb said...

It's so much fun winning prizes like that, the only time I ever win is at baby showers. But still its always exciting. Can't wait to see the pics.


cvgflydis said...

Yea! On Bingo winnings! How fun is that and to win to boot? Cool

Gas.....ugh.......and the prices in Germany......Holy crap!
I think it's about 3.35 a gallon here, for the cheap stuff~

Sad thing is, you can buy a pack of Marlboro's cheaper than a gallon of diesel right now.


ekgillen said...

Bingo prizes!!!  How fun!!! :)