Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A little survey

Your best friend tells you she is pregnant. What is your reaction?  I'd be thrilled for her!

When is the last time you wanted to punch someone in their face?
The day before we left Ireland! :X

What is the last thing you spent money on? Dinner

Do you think you gained or lost weight this past month?
  Lost!! Wahoo (while in Ireland too! It was all the walking we did!)

Crunchy or Puffy Cheetos?

Congratulations! You just had a son. What's his name? Not sure possibly Nathaniel or Jonah, but who knows!

Congratulations! You just had a daughter. What's her name?
Hmmm...well here's a few names we had for Emma: Abigail, Maggie, Aubreigh

What are you craving right now?

What was the last thing you cried about?
It was good tears, but update on my friend Heather

When you buy something and your change is 2 cents, do you keep it or tell the cashier to keep it?
  Tell the cashier to keep it.

What color is your tissue box?
White with flowers printed on it.

Do you have a ceiling fan in your room, and if so, is there dust on that fan? Yes and yes! LOL

Scariest thing you've experienced in the last year?
I guess knowing Chad's deploying again, although that's not really scary to me, because I know it's all in God's plan.

Do you wear a name tag at work?
No, they know me as Mom  :-)

Have you ever had a garage sale?

What color is your iPod?
Don't have one (I know gasp)

What is the last alcoholic beverage you had? I had a sip of Chad's Guiness when we were in Ireland (it was good, straight from the tap)
Are you happy right now?

Who came over last?
Bobbie and her kids

Do you drink beer?
When I'm not breastfeeding I'll have one here and there, we are in Germany...the land of Beer! LOL But really not very often, not a big drinker.

Have your brothers or sisters ever told you that you were adopted?
  Yes, my brother and I used to tell each other that all the time.

What is your favorite key on your key chain?
My apartment key.

What was the last movie you watched at home?
  We Are Marshall (Great movie btw)

What is in your pocket?
  no pockets.

Where do you hurt?
no where right now

Has someone ever made you a Build-A-Bear?

What's something fun you did today?
Went shopping with Bobbie for another friends belated birthday gifts.

What is your favorite aisle at Wal-Mart?
  Oh I miss WalMart....

When is your birthday? Feb 9

Is there anything hanging from your rear view mirror? Airfreshner

What kind of milk do you drink?
2% organic

What is something you need to go shopping for? Goodness quite a few things...groceries of course, we're getting little love seat and matching chair for the boys bedroom, all kinds of things for Emma's room...bedding, wall art, curtains (for the boys too), lamps. Some of that is more wants than need of course! :)

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deshelestraci said...

Fun meme.  Yah I really believed that you punched someone in the face!