Saturday, December 9, 2006

Sunday Morning Thoughts

It's 2:22 am. I was born not today, but in Feb at 2:22 pm! Sorry it just made me smile. My dad always thought it'd be neat if I'd been born on Feb 2 (I was born on the 9th) because then it would have been 2-22 at 2:22! LOL

So anyways, I hope you all have gotten your bible verse memorized! I did! I'm so excited that I can say without a doubt I have one verse in my heart hidden, to pull out anytime! Later today I'll pray and see what the 2nd verse is to memorize!

Now onto what my heart is feeling the need to write about. Disobeying GOD. Our tv's are full of junk. It's full of psychics, foul language, soft porn, adultry, witch craft, the list goes on and on and on. It's not just on our tv's, it's on the internet via websites, blogs, myspace, etc. We seek joy from the laughter Satan provides for us and turn away from GOD, because it's too serious, not nearly as funny, not entertaining enough. We spend our times reading smut magazines, books, authors who deny God, who deny Christ.

When we do this, it goes in deep. We don't often realize it at first (well a little won't hurt). But the truth is, even the tiniest drop will hurt. We are WEAK. We're humans. GOD's ways are the right way. It's plain and simple, yet we turn our back on him. Why?

We seek advice from psychics either irl or on tv or via books, etc. They're telling you lies. God tells us we're not to seek them. Yet even people I know who profess to be a Christian seek them. 

I have been reading blogs and myspace tonight and just left so disheartened. Most of the ones I've been on tonight are from professed Christians. I just don't understand that if you believe in Jesus, why isn't he enough for you? Why do we seek approval and love from everyone else, but him?  


scotthlori said...

I am not sure I know what you are talking about there in the end.  Hopefully you weren't refering to my rant on wanted to skip winter.  LOL

Love ya girl!

Hey ... work on that AIM page of your's.  *wink*  I went over to leave you a comment and couldn't!  LOL


rilmich said...

Hi Christy,
People do not realize how powerful satan is. Even Christians. Satan knows all of our weaknesses. Even though Christians think they are strong they too have a weak spot and satan knows right where it is. We as Christians are not perfect and won't be til Christ comes and takes us home with him. It is so sad how much control satan has on the teens!!  Hope you have a good day tomorrow.
Love to you all,

deshelestraci said...

Emma and I have been working on her memory verses for her Wednesday night classes.

bhbner2him said...

People tend to think a little of something won't hurt.  But with each "little" we become desythesised (sp) and allow a little more and a little more until we are filthy and far from God.  Thankfully, when we recognise our condition and repent and confess it, God if faithful to purify us.  Yet, it is a lot harder to get the dirt out than to never let it in.  -  Barbara

cdittric77 said...

Because we are human, Lori. We berate ourselves too much, I think. Christ's coming to earth and subsequent sacrifice has placed us at the center of salvation. We are only human. God knows and understands that, and loves us anyway. Don't ever forget the prodigal son in times like this - do you want to be the father, or the resentful older brother?

randlprysock said...

I love this entry... it is so true.  I wonder these same things many times.  I hardly allow myself any tv anymore.  It's too hard to put up with.  Okay back to my packing.  Maybe it would be good if Rob and I settle on some acreage out a ways from neighbors and things that are such a bad influence on my kids.  Hugs,

trickeytricky said...

HeHeHe. . .

I was born at 2:22 p.m. too - - but on July the 12th.

Either way, rock on us 2:22 ers. :D