Saturday, December 16, 2006


I got the boys finished today. I have one last thing to get for Chad, it's actually from Jacob, but we know exactly what it is he's getting him and where the little booth in the Christmas market it is, so that'll be easy to run down and get since we're already going down there this week with my friend Michelle. Chad is currently downtown at the Christmas market having the boys get my gift and he's also picking up a gift for our friends Michelle and Matthew. Now it's time to start wrapping! Yippee! LOL Gift wrapping isn't my favorite thing to do, but Chad really likes doing it and does it beautifully, so between the two of us we'll be able to get everything wrapped up fairly quickly. I'm hoping that by tomorrow night we can get a good majority of our things wrapped up and by saw Wednesday we'll be all done!

So out of you, who's done, who has a few more things, and who's not even started? :X




happysunshien said...

ummm i am still working on my flipping christmas cards....lmao...have not bought a single gift....and probably wont till the next weekend when i have time.....too busy this

sangrialel said...

I have started but I am not done!  Linda

jckfrstross said...

i have one gift lol i will shop once we get out for christmas break
enjoy your weekend


crewsfour said...

Way to go on getting everything done - I'm about half way through but hope to knock it all out by Tuesday afternoon.  I'm planning to get everything wrapped and under the tree Wednesday but with Madi getting out early and Jordan opening the presents we might wait to put out presents until Christmas Eve.  Have a great week - Leene

scotthlori said...

I am starting on gift wrapping tonight.  ugh  Its not my favorite thing to do either.


cdittric77 said...

I haven't even started!

deshelestraci said...

I have one or two left to get.  Nothing major.  I need to start wrapping.  I made a smooth move this year for my parents and my in-laws.  I made them scrapbooks using Creative Memories' new Storybook software.  It's all digital.  You put together the book online, upload it to them and then they print it as a book.  It came out amazing!  I made one for each.

freemansixpack said...

lol we do team wrapping too...he wraps and I put the tags on.hahahah He is just so much better at it then I
Hope you have a great week!

ksgal3133 said...

I'm done Ü
Just have cookies and candy to make now! lol