Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Our Day

We're part of a home schooling group. Today we had our Christmas Party. There's just 3 families who participate, but we really enjoy our weekly get together's at the library. Over the summer a lot of the other families who Home School moved, so hopefully in the next few months more will come!

We did a Secret Santa gift exchange among the kids. It worked out well since we all bring 2 of our children (one family has 6 children, 1 is about to graduate college over Christmas break). The kids all liked their gifts and had fun! We had a light lunch that my friend Michelle brought. I made dessert: buckeyes, choc. chip cookies with and without nuts, and oat meal chip cookies again with and without nuts. Lunch was great and the kids had a great time!!! Here's some pictures of the kids opening the gifts....






deshelestraci said...

We had our homeschool group Christmas party yesterday!  We have over 30 families involved and we went to a skating rink. Lots of kids.  We are too big to meet weekly and I think we should meet once a month but we don't really.
Glad it was fun!

freemansixpack said...

it look like the kids had a great time. Hope your having a wonderful week

crewsfour said...

What great pictures - the get together looks like alot of fun.  Have a great week - Leene

jckfrstross said...

love the pictures each child looked like they really enjoyed the day:) how are you doing? have you been to the doc yet? sleeping? keeping you in prayer


sangrialel said...

Great pics Christy!  I love how the one little girl is so much more interested in what your son is getting than her own gift!  Linda

lifesabench6 said...

I love the look on their faces!  It looks like they all had fun which is great.  We'll be having our homeschool Christmas park day next week- won't be exchanging gifts, but the kids will al be making decorations and gingerbread houses!  Don't you just love homeschooling?!  I do even when it's hard!  Have a Blessed rest of the week!  Carolyn

scotthlori said...

Wow!  I couldn't tell what it was but he sure did seem to like it!


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ksgal3133 said...

awww looks like a lot of fun!


trickeytricky said...

Yay! Everyone looks so excited!

Looks like ya'll had a lot of fun!

Amanda :D

mikalsgrl said...

Awwwwwwwwww Christy!!

Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!!! Your boys are sooo cute!!! always smiling :)