Friday, December 29, 2006

A lil update

Hello! Thank you to everyone who sent and continue to send congratulations to Chad and I about our new baby! I'm 6 weeks and Thursday had my "You're Having a Baby in Germany" class. It was sadly disappointing and not at all informative. So that was a waste of 1 1/2 hrs in not very comfortable chairs, but it's mandatory and I got through it! I have picked out a dr and on Wednesday will call her when her office is open and make an apt!

One of the great things about German drs is that they do ultrasounds (u/s from here on out) at every appointment. So hopefully soon I'll be seeing our new little gift with my own eyes.

Now as far as the pregnancy goes, it's early on, but I'm definately dealing with exhaustion at different times during the day (wish I could say it over took me at night, but so far it hasn't) and Thursday I got my first official "morning sickness" oh the joys of throwing up! It really was not bad and honestly the nausea is what I'm dealing with more than anything. It looks like I may not be cooking meat much during this pregnancy since the sight and smell of it about do me in while it's cooking. I can eat it, just can't be in the kitchen while it's cooking (and that includes in the oven...the smells). A couple things have just been thinking of them and I was worried I'd have to run to the bathroom! I'm desiring fruits, peaches to be specific! Oh yum!!! Normally I'm not much of a peach fan, but this baby seems to be! LOL I'm thrilled it's healthy foods.

The boys are really excited! I don't know if Jack really gets it, but I think so because he's had a few moments of jealousy where he says "I'm a baby"! I will hold him and cuddle him and we talk about how he'll always be my baby, but that he will be a big brother soon and that he'll be an awesome big brother! Jacob's just thrilled! He's wanted me to have a baby the day after Jack was born! LOL

Chad and I have a ball coming up. This will be the first ball we attend in our nearly 10 yrs of marriage in the Army! Sad but true! I'm so excited and really hope that the dress I'm bidding on, I win it! We'll have pictures taken there and I will be sure to share them on here!

God Bless


deshelestraci said...

I think it is a three year old thing in addition to your expecting.  Bella wants me to hold her like a baby and to pretend to feed her with a bottle.  She wants me to look into her eyes and tell her she is the baby.  And then she jumps up and tells me she is a girl and a big girl at that!  I love it!
Looking forward to pictures from the ball!

jckfrstross said...

Congrats again:) have a Happy New Year:)
hugs for all:)


sangrialel said...

A ball sounds like so much fun.  We are going to a formal thing for New Years Eve so that should be fun too!  Linda

bhbner2him said...

My American doctor did frequent ultrasounds.  Probably because I refused his more invasive tests he wanted to run because I was 39 yrs old.  The first look I got at Bug, she was a little over 8 weeks old.  She sort of scissor kicked and jumped with her little arms straight out right as they got her focused in.  I KNEW who she was at that very instant.  Enjoy the ball Cinderella!  -  Barbara

freemansixpack said...

hope you dont have to bad of a time with your moring sickness and that it doesnt last to long. Anything you desire from the states let me know and I'd be more then happy to ship it your way.

take care doll and get some rest.

scotthlori said...

Glad to hear things are going so well for you.



republicanjen said...

Congratulations, Christy and Chad!!!!  

linnpooh said...

Oh Christy....congratulations to you & Chad, I'm soooooooo happy for your family. That must have been the best Christmas present ever and I can only imagine your excitement. Prayers will be going up for a healthy & safe pregnancy....bless you both.
I've finally decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and get back to getting healthy....also my journaling. I was so self absorbed in some problems of mine that I totally lost perspective on the other areas of my life, in other words....I screwed up royally!! :)
But, that's in the past and now I'm going forward, a little bruised but still standing. I have 20 some pounds to re-lose but I have faith in myself that I will not only do that....I will reach a very good spot by this time next year. Thank you for hanging with me while I strayed, it really meant a lot to know I had people pulling for me.
You have a wonderful 2007 to look forward to.....enjoy!

Pooh Hugs,