Thursday, June 29, 2006

Polish Pottery

Tuesday a friend and I went to Poland! It was a long, mostly beautiful drive. A good portion of our trip was through a portion of Germany called "Little Switzerland", just gorgous! It took us about 4 hrs to get to Poland a almost 5 to get home because of storms and road construction, and my issue of those stupid cement barriers and semi truck's (I just can't pass the trucks when those barriers are there). Anyways, we had a great time, a lot of shopping. Neither of us had slept well the night before. We'd had our trip cancelled twice, once because of a holiday and the next week because the friend who watched my boys, one of her girls had strep throat and obviously I wasn't willing for them to possibly get sick too.

Anyways, we both got lots of pottery! I got so so far 6 plates, saucers, and bowls that are all the same set. I have not decided if the next time I go back if I'm going to get another 6 of all those with the same exact pattern, get the same pattern by with blue or just get a whole different pattern all together of 6! I'll decide the next time I go! I got a pitcher that's about as close to the "typical" Polish Pottery look as I like. I'm not a big fan on the extremely busy look of the typical Polish pottery. I got a roaster that I really love, I love how even on the inside of it there's a flower pattern stamped (I don't think it's hand painted) around the edge. I love my butterfly one, and have thought about getting my other set of dishes in the butterfly pattern, which is definately unique and not the typical Pottery look! My ladel and spoon rest I just absolutely love. Being a girl who loves the Americana style I grabbed the huge Americana bowl too. I do really like Americana, although I like it more as a "splash" vs my whole home and kitchen! I figure it'll be great for those times I make fruit salad or a large salad to serve it in! We all need those really big bowls! Everything I got is also rated at a 1 or 2, which means it's safe to cook in (oven or stove top).


I never realized just how poor Poland as a country is. On our way there, they were doing some construction and we had to stop at a light you know how one side goes and then the other side. We had some young men come up wanting to wash my windows. I'd heard about them doing this and of course they want paid. I kept telling them no, they didn't take no for an answer and they washed them and I will say they did a great job. I gave them a 2 euro piece andthe guy on my side kept trying to tell me something, I'm just guessing that he wanted more money, but I rolled up my window and just prayed he'd leave, especially after I had said no not just with words, but with my hands gooing back and forth across my body and my head going back and forth. My friend was trying to find some euro's too (1 and 2 euro pieces) but she didn't have any. I don't know maybe he wanted some Polish money, but I didn't have any. (All the shops take Euro's and dollars so we didn't worry about getting any Polish money). That was about as "exciting" as things got! LOL

We got home about midnight. I was so happy to walk into my home. The boys went right to bed and I followed soon after! :)



sangrialel said...

I love the ladel!!!  I wish I could come visit!  Linda

deshelestraci said...

I love the pottery!  Tell me you did more than just look at pottery!  I get freaked out about road construction and trucks too. We had our major interstate in tatters for almost 5 years.  You would think I would have been used to it!  NOT!

jckfrstross said...

wow i love the dishes:) very unique i would get 6 of the butterfly pattern next time it would set you table off with the flower print you have now:) glad you had a good time:) have a  great evening


tpiez4me said...

Love the pottery, esp the water pitcher!
Sharon -

angelm0304 said...

I loved the pictures of the pottery.  the pottery is very beautiful.  Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.   I am glad you got to go.

trickeytricky said...

Hi Christy!!

How's it cooking good lookin? :-P Just feeling a little goofy today over here, as always. Glad to hear you finally got to take a little trip and that you didn't get squished by those semi-trucks.

Have a good weekend, take care,

Amanda :)