Monday, June 26, 2006

I've been thinking about my journal. There are days I write in here not for me, but for others. People for the most part I don't know. I've found some wonderful people on here and feel I'm better because of them/you. What I have been thinking today as I read through others journals is that so many don't appear to be written for the author, but for others. I know I've been guilty of that, writing for other people instead of writing for me. Instead of really sharing what I want, because I never know how others will take it. Why do I need to be concerned with that? I shouldn't and I can't be. I can't say how different my journal is about to change, but I am going to start writing for me. Sharing my true feelings and thoughts. I am not out to offend or hurt anyone. I'm not out to debate my feelings or beliefs. I think my sidebar of me saying I'm a Christian states my beliefs right there. I'm a child of God. I believe the WHOLE bible. I do not think that I can just take the parts that I like and live by those. There's things in the bible that definately convict my heart and I have to start living by that as well. That's not easy and as a sinner it's something I do fight. I have to acknowledge that.

I will continue to share my family and the many ups and the few downs we go through. I will be sharing more of my heart here though. I haven't really done that. I will probably still remain some what reserved, because this is still a public journal and at this point I don't feel the need to go private. If you feel something I write is condemning you, all I can say is that maybe that's GOD. I can only say what I'll be writing and sharing will ultimately be about me and my thoughts and not aimed at anyone out here reading, unless stated before hand!

With that....I want to share my favorite bible verse


Isaiah 40:11

He tends his flock like a shepherd; He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.


How I love that verse. That was first shared with me when Jordyn was being treated at Walter Reed. Another mom had told me how it was her favorite verse and how it comforted her from the day her daughter was dx with leukemia. It talks about how God holds us close to him, he gathers the young, our children. He gently leads me. ME. He loves me, he loves parents and gently is leading us. He is our shephard and he gave us the awesome responsibility to guide and lead our children, which of course is to guide them to him. This verse gives me so much comfort. Over 7 yrs ago this verse was shared with me and I've loved it. About 3 yrs ago a friend of mine, Emily-Really Living
shared it with me again. It's my verse. When I feel lost, sad, in need of comfort...I read it. When I feel joy, I read it. I think every mother should read this verse, highlight it in her bible, write it down on paper, memorize it, tape it up on her mirrors, kitchen, make a book mark out of it, and read it daily...remind herself that she in not alone in this journey of parenting. God is leading us, those of us who have young! Isn't that just such a comfort? To know he understands we need that guidance, that help. He knows we need him.

Oh how I love my Jesus. He is precious and wonderful. He loves us.

God Bless




ukgal36 said...

Thnaks for sharing Christy.. I am so happy that you have your faith which I am sure is of great comfort to you.. I seek the same but am not quite there yet.. I agree that we should write for ourselves... have a great week..

sangrialel said...

Perfect!!!  It is going on my mirror, in my office, in my car.............I am going to need to read it often while they are gone and I think God sent this verse to me through your journal (ya know he knows I read it!) to give me comfort and let me know they will be safe with HIM.  Linda

jckfrstross said...

perfect entry:) write from your heart if some doesn't like it to bad they can choose to not read! but i will be here always:)


tpiez4me said...

Awesome entry....we do write sometimes to our friends in J-land but that's ok too.  Cause we know that when we need to pour out our heart and soul it's here for us too.  It's not everyday that I have a heart-tugging problem, sometimes I'm just happy to drop a funny line out to y'all.  But I'm glad to know that y'all are there for me when troubles run deep!
Sharon -

fairylaura said...

GOOD! Christy, you shouldn't sugar coat anything you want to say or how you feel. This is YOUR journal.. and like you said You're a child of GOD. Take care!


deshelestraci said...

When I started my journal I didn't know there was a community.  I hadn't been writing anything longer than a grocery list and wanted to document the things we did and said around here.  I have come to do the same things and in fact have two journals, ok, three.  And in my aol journal I say pretty much what I want.  One is very censored.  Not because of the people who aren't Christians but because some of my Christian friends are very judgemental.  The third I just started on and I hope will document our schooling.  I need to write more for me, too!

scotthlori said...

Have a great day my friend!

Who I am… underneath it all:

My Spiritual Journal:

angelm0304 said...

I, too, have felt the same way as you do.  I often have to remind myself that my journal is for me and not for others.  I shouldnt have to worry about what I say and if someone will judge me.  Thank you for sharing your favorite bible verse!

grahamfarmga said...

Your journal should be for you it is a way to relive stress.

lv2trnscrb said...

that is an awesome verse, Christy; I can see why you like it so much. I admire you for taking a turn in what you might decide to write about and to maybe tackle tough issues that will offend others. But in the end you know you have to be true to yourself and true to the Lord.