Saturday, May 6, 2006


I got all set up to scrapbook tonight. I've done a couple pages in the past, but well they're nothing to write home about and definately nothing to show off. I have tons and I mean tons of paper, quite a few embellishments, stickers up the wazoo, etc....I have 3 pictures picked out that I really want to do a page with, I even picked out the paper that I think will go great for the pictures, yet I'm just stuck. I can't get happy with where I want the pictures on the page, trying to figure out what if any embellishments I want to add, out of what I have, etc. I really want to take a scrapbooking class, or get together with my friend Linda before she PCS's to KS. She makes beautiful pages and has a lot of knowledge that I need to get a hold of before she leaves in another month. :(

It's midnight now, so I guess I should just pack everything up and get to bed. Tomorrow when we get home from church, I have to go and exchange our wireless router that decided to just stop working, we've barely had it 2 weeks. When I get home from that, I'm moving a bookshelf that I have in the living room, it has picture's on it, so I'm going to disperse those in other places throughout the apt and either put scrapbooking stuff on it or books, which would clear out the shelf I have in our closet (trust me our closets are insanely huge!).

Well, have a wonderful rest of Saturday for those of you in the states and a great Sunday! :)


chevyz71gurl74 said...

Awww I just love the sweet!!!
Girl i am on the same page with far
as scrapbooking  I have only made 2 pages
in the past...i just can't get the hang of it yet...i guess i
am too took me like 2 hours to do those 2 pages..ROFL
It is a fun hobby though...and i LOVE taking pics...and
cherishing memories...scrapbooking is a wonderful way to do
just that!  Have a wonderful sunday

deshelestraci said...

That picture is so sweet it hurts!  
I have been scrapbooking for years.  I wish I could get together with you! :)  I have been using Creative Memories power layouts method lately.  When I get the chance to scrapbook, I can knock off many pages in just a few hours.  It's great.  I think the info is online to.
Did I tell you I LOVE  What a cool thing!  

pixiedustnme said...

Imagine you - moving furniture!  Dang, we are predictable creatures, aren't we?

happysunshien said...

i jsut love that picture..I have one of wayne and austin and austin is laying on his back....just too cute!


barbpinion said...

What an adorable picture. Scrapbooking? I hope to get started on that one of these days. Have not ever done it but have tons of photos so it ought to be fun.
Hugs, hon

sangrialel said...

what a great pic of your men!  Linda

gaboatman said...

What a great PIC of Dad and the boys!

scotthlori said...

That is a precious picture to treasure for always, I'm sure!


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tschoocraft said...

Its easy to get stuck when you are looking at wonderful memories like these. Your fellows are great looking.  If you want some ideas etc take a look at what TLC has and maybe it might spark something for you.
Enjoy your scrapin~
best always, Trish