Sunday, May 28, 2006

It's a Beautiful Day


Yes that's right! Jack is in full gear of Potty Training! Yes, I may actually have him out of diapers (well at least during the day) before Chad returns from Iraq!! Yahoo, welcome home baby!

He just started yesterday, but he's trying really hard and well I'm excited, Jacob's, excited, so...Jack's excited! LOL He's also discovered a love for Thomas the Train! He has a little Thomas and a Duncan that he carries around with him everywhere. He was NOT happy when I made him leave them in the van this morning during church. Gee the mean mom that I am! LOL He didn't do bad by any means. I just don't let them take toys out of the van, so that they don't get lost.

We went to the PX the commissary and then I decided to be nice and treat the boys to lunch and he snuck Duncan in with him and then proceeded to leave him by the arcade games, Jacob ran back in and got him for him. I thought he was going to just lose it. He's never been a child that gets too attached to anything other than me, so who'd have thought! LOL! On payday I'm going to see if I can find him a couple Thomas DVD's and maybe a toy or two. I'm not leaving Jacob out, but I'm going to let him pick out a water slide for them to play on this summer when it actually gets hot enough for them to do that.

Oh and another bright spot for me! My downstairs neighbor had her aunt living with her for a while. The neighbor is a Divorced soldier. She has 3 of her 6 children living with her, the other 3 are in the states with her ex. Anyways, one of the 3 is a baby...maybe 4 months old. Anyways, the aunt had came over because she was going to deploy, but they've changed that now. The aunt has been getting on my nerves A LOT lately. She plays her music extremely loud that not only can I hear it, but the bass is turned up so high that I (well we, the boys too) could FEEL it through our floor. I was on my couch one day and could feel it! I've been talking to friends in the states in the past and they could HEAR it! So was LOUD! I'd asked her before to turn it down, but seriously it just takes common sense and curtiousy to not play your music that loud. Especially, especially (yes I know I wrote that twice) when there's a baby in there. Baby's hear things 10 times LOUDER than we do! So, anyways, the aunt LEFT yesterday!!!!! I saw her put all her suitcases into someone's trunk, along with a few otherbags. I was going down to do a load of laundry when I heard her tell her friend that she still needed to call her son and mom and let them know what time she'd be arriving! Wahoo! I know not a loving attitude is it. I can't help from being happy though,.

Well, I need to get the living room vaccuumed and pick up a few things, before the boys get up from their nap and we go outside for a while!

Have a SON FILLED Sunday! :)


jckfrstross said...

have a great sunday:)


scotthlori said...

I HATE hearing other's people's bass!  It gets really old quickly!


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sangrialel said...

Yeahhhhhhh no more diapers soon!  I remember being done with them and was so excited!  Now I have Aiden and I don't mind it at all with him?  Go figure!  I am glad you might get some peace and quiet now too!  Have a great day.  Linda

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Way to go Jack!!!!
Have a great day girlie

deshelestraci said...

I am getting jealous.  Bella has NO intention of ever getting out of diapers.  Makes me crazy.  Both of my girls have toys they like to bring everywhere.  But when we go into church the toys have their own Sunday school class in the back seat!  Emma came up with that one.

randlprysock said...

Wishing you well with the potty training.  Cute graphic too!!  Hugs,

anastasia29816 said...

Im starting with potty training my granddaughter ......its a chore