Saturday, April 16, 2005


Today a friend from church got married. He met his now wife online. They both have been married before and have children. The wedding was simple and beautiful. It truly felt like although the wedding was important, it wasn't about the "wedding" but about their marriage. They each wrote special vows to each others children. I of course was sitting there with the tears just streaming down my face as they each made promises and shared their hopes.

As I watched them look at each other, she was absolutely glowing...the smile truly never left her face the entire day. You could tell she was so happy and just truly excited to be getting married and to be married. He was so happy too, and just kept smiling and laughing!

There is someting about a wedding that makes your heart fill. I looked at my husband and although he's not perfect, I'm thankful he's my husband. God blessed me with him. I'm so thankful for that blessing.



fairylaura said...

Aww how romantic! I'm glad she's happy. I didn't have a wedding. But for our 10 yr anniversary we want to have one. So we will see. I'm so happy I married my husband though. There's nothing more I would want. :)


truetomyboo61302 said...

Christy, Thank you for all your prayers. Sorry I didn't answer your question sooner about my hubby's knee problems. Well he has exactly what your hubby has only instead of the bone spur my hubby has a cyst behind his knee cap. As for the getting pregnant, it just upsets me. I have wanted a baby for so long and I see other ladies getting pregnant and all I do is ask why not me. I know this may sound bad but I also wonder why ladies that should not be parents end up with kids. Anyway enough of that because then I will start crying again.

Glad to hear the wedding was beautiful. My hubby and I also met online.:) I have been married before too but not hubby. Well I must run but thanks again for all your kind words and prayers. Hugs,Katie God Bless you too!