Friday, April 29, 2005

"Those" Friends

Hopefully some of you if not all of you who come here, have at least one of "those" friends. Those friends who inspire you, challenge you, encourage you, support you, and love you.

I have been blessed through out my life to have quite a few of "those friends". The first one I want to tell you about is, Kelly. We met almost 5 yrs ago, after we both lost our first born child on a support online group. She was direct in her feelings, and well her writing just grabbed me. We were both raw with grief, and had lost our amazing children only days apart. Over the last 5 yrs she's become one of my best friends. I love her more than she may know. She's encouraged me more times than I can count, even when she doesn't know it. She's one of the few people in this world, I can honestly say I've never had a bad thing to say about. You see, one thing bad about me (and there are MANY), but one thing is I'm a gossip. It can be a painful pill to swallow to know this. Her and I have enjoyed many a gab fests friends we both know, or just one of us knows and the other is there to listen with perked ears! Take away that "negative" factor of gossiping, she's an amazing mom. I admire her willingness to share her love and longing for her beautiful son. The way she loves her daughter. I pray one day I'm as great of a mom as she is. One of the most amazing things about Kelly, though is her heart. She has been there for me numerous times, I can't even tell you. Writing about her makes my heart swells.

Kelly, thank you for being my friend. I love you. You're one of "those friends."

The other one I am going to write about tonight, is Emily. We've known each other for about 2 1/2 yrs, since we were both pregnant, her with her oldest and me with my youngest (for now and no I'm not pg!). Emily has a Faith in the Lord that I wish I had when I was her age. She inspires me on a daily basis. She loves her children with a passion. She loves her husband with as much. Her youngest little girl had to be in the hospital for about a month when she was born and although they knew from the time she was 17 weeks this would be the case, she gave her precious child to the Lord and knew one way or another he would heal her. I wish I had had her faith when Jordyn was alive fighting cancer. I told God I gave her to him, but truly in my heart, I didn't. She's been an amazing friend to me. Someone to laugh with, cry with, and just be me with. She loves me for me. Emily, you're one of "those friends".

Tonight, I thank GOD that I'm blessed with both of these amazing women in my life and that I can say with a full heart that they are 2 of my best and dearest friends. I love them and I'm loved by them. God has truly blessed my in the friendship dep. and I praise him for that!


So, write about your "those friends" and link it back to my journal! :)


fairylaura said...

I have two of 'those' friends. These women are great.. they inspire me in many ways.
One lost her parents when she was 16yrs old. She had 3 younger siblings to raise.. plus a neice. She put herself through high school and college and now has a great career. If she did it.. I know I can do it. She never lets me settle.
The other is a housewife (army wife) and is now going to college. She helps me to not quit school when it gets tough. Lets me know that us women have to deal with the house, school and being a wife and mother.


pixiedustnme said...

well, AAWWWW, and yes, I KNOW I need to keep my mouth shut and get back to well you know "if you don't have anything nice don't say anything at all."  But sometimes you just HAVE to vent.....ok, there I go rationalizing again - somebody stop me.