Monday, December 20, 2004

Calgon anyone?

Today has been one of those days. It actually started last night. Chad had CQ Saturday night. Came home, showered, got dressed for church, went to church, went to friends for lunch we stayed til 4:30, rushed home, wrapped gifts, went back to church for the Christmas party and arrived home at 8:30. We put the boys to bed, and I KNEW Chad would fall asleep. It'd be close to 40 hrs without sleep at that point, unless you count the 40 minutes of a nap he caught between the friends house, home, and drive to church!

Chad started leave today, and needed to go sign out at midnight. I told him I'd wake him up sometime after midnight. I knew it'd be a fight to get him awake, but if he hasn't signed out by 6 am...he would need to be at PT at 6:30 otherwise he's considered AWOL.

Well he didn't want to get up and I know when I'm fighting a losing battle, so I let him be. Woke him when I came to bed, he still wouldn't get up, I said a couple annoyed things to him and went to sleep.

I woke up this morning to Jacob in my bed (not unusual) and Chad gone. Not sure where he was, Jacob wakes up and goes to the living room and I hear him talking to Chad. Come to find out, he woke up at 3:30 and went and signed out!

I get up, and he's being his ever so "pleasant" self.'s going to be a delightful day and he's home ALL day for the next 2 weeks. Yippee.

Well, he's called by a soldier needing his work/office keys so he goes and takes Jacob with him, since Jacob needs to have labs drawn and he's going to be "out".

He comes home, in a much better mood. Of course at this point he's hinting around to wanting well...:/ not exactly what I want to just give at that moment.

He gets more pleasant throughout the day...then he leaves to pick up Jacob from preschool, drop off Christmas Cards at the post office (yes I know they're late going out), the PX to drop off film, and then downtown to fed ex the Christmas gifts to his family, and he needed to stop at WalMart to get a gift card for his step-nephew.

It was a beautiful day here, gorgous! Almost 60! I decide to take Jack for a walk. Come home to 3 messages on my answering machine..we were gone at max a half hour and I had the cell phone with me! I push play and hear my "darling" husband's voice YELLING at me to answer the stupid phone. Oh so not happy at him immediately. I have 2 more messages of him yelling telling me to answer the phone, quit ignoring him, and/or to get off the other line. At this point I'm laughing and seething with anger at the same time. Laughing, because he's so stupid, and angry well that's obvious I hope. I deleted the messages, because no one needs to hear that twice whether they actually heard the whole message or not!

I try to call him on his cell and of course the jerk left it in the van. No voice mail on this one either, I hate this phone of his. I'm so mad at this point. He finally answers and is being a jerk, but I'm yelling at him! We say a few things to each other and he's ordered home.

He comes home, still trying to justify his rudeness and I make sure he understands in no uncertain terms that I will NOT be talked to like that in person, on the phone, or on the answering machine.

I've not talked to him since. I went on a drive. Stopped at the library, drove around, and went to Taco Bell for XL Pepsi and a burrito. I felt better when I got home, still getting an attitude...this time for not picking him up something from TB...well forget him! He's mean to me, he gets NOTHING.

Well, I guess I'm done with my vent. Can't say I feel any better, but it's out.

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karensull12 said...

Sounds like my always feels better to rant...And my husband is home until Jan 5...