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Danny Hohlbaun art work


Jacob is in AWANA and for those who do not know what "AWANA" stands for it is this: "Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed, taken from 2 Timothy 2:15."


I love this program. "

Awana is an international, Bible-centered children's and youth ministry providing local churches with weekly clubs and programs for preschool through high school. Our goal is to equip churches to reach children and teenagers, and their families, with the gospel of Christ and train them to serve Him. (Click here to learn about the hope, vision, mission and values of Awana.) The acronym Awana comes from the first letters of Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed, taken from 2 Timothy 2:15."

Most importantly Jacob loves it and is learning so much. Every week he learns at least 2 vs. They get rewarded with Awana Bucks and at the end of every session they are allowed to spend their bucks. Tonight my old neighbors girls' attended for the first time. Of course they did not earn any bucks, but Jacob who had saved 8 bucks (2 of them being from tonight) bought the girls an item too. Granted they are those horrible sticky things that you fling and the long part goes out and sticks to something.. but hey the kids love them. I was so proud of him though for opening his heart and sharing what he had.


Jacob is 3 and although he tries me like no one else in this world, he has taught me so much more than I ever imagined a 3 yr old could. (You'd think I'd figure out that children are just wiser than us adults after all the lessons Jordyn taught me!) Jacob always prays at bedtime and adds onto the prayer at meals. He ALWAYS prays for the soldiers in Iraq to be able to come home safe andsoon. We of course got into this habit while my DH was off in Iraq.

I am just going to gloat tonight...I'm really in awe of Jacob and the compassion that is in his heart. I'm a pretty strict mom in a lot of ways. I expect a lot from him, probably more than I should. I want him to have manners, be respectful, but most of all I want him to love, honor, fear, and desire GOD and his love.

I really love that he prays and that it's so important to him. I will be just vain enough to say that I believe I had something to do with instilling in him that prayer is important. I have to say that I'm not picky on what he prays on. Whether it's the soldiers in Iraq or special toys. Granted I don't want his whole prayer to be about SpiderMan and how wonderful SM is! LOL But, I am not going to tell him it's wrong to thank GOD for his toy. I don't see anything wrong with him being thankful for the gifts in his life and for a 3 yr old, toys are a HUGE center of his life.

Ok, now for a vent. (Kelly you can skip've already read it! LOL). I have a friend who I love dearly, but she frustrates me at times to no end. She's well materialistic in the manner that she thinks that if she just buys this or that, her life is going to be better, that she will once again have happiness. Anyways, she told me a couple weeks ago how she got after her 3 yr old son, when he was praying and said he was thankful for his toys.

UGH! Trust me, it's amazing this child prays at all, but to discourage him from being thankful and thanking GOD for the gifts he has been blessed with. I just don't get it. She told him he should instead be thanking GOD for "Mommy, Daddy, etc" Sure he should be thankful for his parents..but well he's 3! Maybe it's just me, but I don't think so! (Mostly because I think I'm the normal one and she's the one off the deep end most of the time! ROFL). (Keep your comments to yourself Kelly! LOL)


Well if you made it this far..good for you! I'm done with my bragging and ranting! :)


pixiedustnme said...

I'm the normal one.  Yes, I try to convince myself of that all the time too :-).  But you should be proud of Jacob, you have done a great job (so far, I mean he IS only 3) raising him.  I love you!  -Kelly

nicurnmama said...

it would seem that our young ones teach us so much. Savor it all.
My almost three year old (in 5 days!!!) is learning to pray. I love when he pronounces "amen" after one of us says grace. He hates mealtimes, he hates to eat as he has a love affair with his gastrostomy tube but he will pray at meal times with us or any other time we pray together.
I am enjoying your blog.