Saturday, December 4, 2004

Polar Express

I LOVE THIS MOVIE! We picked up my niece on Thursday and have her til Monday and decided to take the kids to the movies and to the zoo. The zoo was nice, it was a nice day, but what I was really looking forward was going to see this movie.

All I can say is GO SEE IT, no RUN! I'm not like my friend Kelly who goes and see's a lot of movies at the theater. I don't get to go that often and actually I guess chose not to go that often, but when I do I look forward to seeing a good movie. I'm beyond thrilled to say I was NOT disappointed.

For those who believe as I do that CHRISTmas is about Christ, wonderful. I also believe Christmas is about a beautiful feeling inside of our soul. A feeling that life can be joyful and full of hope and I think in many ways that is what Santa gives..a joy and hope that anything is possible. Yes we definately should have that through our Savior. I just know that I as a child believed in Santa and when I found out that he was not "real" I was NOT traumatized or angry or any of that. It's nice to believe in something/someone who brings joy to your life and well makes you giddy.

I watched not only this movie, but Jacob, Bailey, and Jackson watching the movie. Now let me tell you they all did wonderfully in the theater. I wasn't sure of Jackson, we're talking about a little 15 month old here, so you never know how it's going to go! LOL He walked along our row (which was only us), sat in my lap, got his first taste of popcorn and licorice, and enjoyed his cousin's pink lemonade after he had drank all his water! :) I watched these children as their mouths dropped open, as they literally stood holding onto the seats in front of us in anticipation of seeing Santa. I cried. I seriously cried as I watched them watch this movie and watched as they got excited, as they waved their arms back and forth, clapped, so excited.

As we are walking outside he tells us many times how much he loved the movie and thanked us for taking him. Jackson even yelled "yeah" when asked if he liked it! LOL Bailey loved it too! While driving Jacob says, "That was the best movie I've NEVER seen" ROFL! He has yet to learn the difference in ever and never! (He's 3, he has time to learn!)

I recommend this movie to young and old. I am very strict in what I let Jacob watch and this is a movie I think is great for all ages. For the woman who goes maybe once a year to the movies, I'd LOVE to go and see this AGAIN!!!

As soon as it comes out in DVD...I'm buying it!

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