Friday, August 20, 2004


He called! Finally!! I got to talk to him for about an hour! Oh it was sooo good to hear his voice. I went to check to see if I could stir Jacob for a moment when Chad called and he did stir and was able to talk to Chad for a moment. He was falling asleep while talking to Daddy, but I pray he remembers in the morning that he did talk to him.

Chad's doing well, really busy. They go out on missions constantly. They are getting so close to coming home. I just am so anxious for him to get home.

We decided tonight that I'm to look into what it will take to do an oversea's adoption. We know of 2 sisters who are currently in Maryland who need that forever family and that's why they are in the states right now. I want them. The little one who's 4 her name is Olga, when  I saw a picture of her I  knew she was to be MINE. They actually had her name wrong and had her matched up as the sister of a little boy, and her age was supposedly 6 1/2. Well Ivan the little boy does have a sister, Maria and that is the correct age. They are staying with my friend and she's in love with them..please pray that her husband will open his heart because she wants to adopt them.

Chad is open to it and I'm to see what all we will need to do, etc. I'm going to call Beth in the morning. Oh my gosh, I could have 2 little girls growing up in MY HOME!!! Oh this would be such a blessing to me. I know that sounds selfish, but I feel like when I look at her picture, I'm supposed to be her Momma. I do not know how else to describe this unless you've been there and had those feelings for a child you've never met, but needs that home and family. It was like looking at her picture she was looking into my soul.

I'm in such a better mood now. I am hoping I can get to sleep in the next hour. It's 12:24 am and I have not been getting much sleep and am always so exhausted come morning, that I lay on the couch trying to feel like I can get up and get going.

Well...I guess I need to go. Thank you GOD for allowing Chad a chance to call me and we even got about 2 minutes to chat online and he was able to see some new pictures of the boys! It's killing him to be missing out on them and kills him that he's missed Jacob's 1st day of preschool and missing Jackson's 1st steps, he asked me not to tell him anymore of Jackson's 1st. He said he knows that Jackson will be walking when he gets home. I don't know if he will or not. I'm in no hurry...the time frame we're looking at it could really go either way. Jackson's really close to just doing it and has no problem taking a step or two here and there and will stand unassisted a lot and picks things up, stands up from the floor with nothing there to hold onto, etc.

God Bless

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