Thursday, August 19, 2004


I'm sitting here watching as Carly Patterson won GOLD for the women's individual and have goose bumps. Earlier today as I was driving and listening to the radio, our local Christian station they didn't even warn..just announced the results. I was ticked off! Oh well, watching her win and then celebrate gave me goosebumps and true chills. I love watching the Olympics. This year I was thrilled to see shot put actually on and televised! The women's prelims were on VERY late one night and I stayed up and watched, but the next day the finals were on. I dreamed of throwing the shot in the Olympics and although it will never happen, it was so thrilling for me to see it on tv! Jacob was pretending that he was throwing it and Jackson crawled up to the tv and was watching it. I still have the shot put that I broke our high school record with (it was a 17yr old record!!). I think I've been amazed at how quickly I've gone back to those feelings of nervousness and confidence mixed in as one. I wish I felt that way more often today. I guess a lot of it was being young and naive as well. I'm a better person today and I'm happy for that. I wouldn't want to be 16 -18 again.

I loved watching Jacob watching the olympics. He was pretending to be doing some of the gymnastics. He thought he was so cool! LOL

I guess I'm going to end this one. I have another journal I'm going to write, but it's a different subject.

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