Friday, September 10, 2004


I am so just tired of people, well one in particular. I'll call her TEN. She's pretended to be someone that I don't think she is. She pretended to care about me and my family and I truly think it was all a lie.

I'm hurt beyond belief. I just do not understand how someone can say they believe in things and then just turn away from them. She's not the person she claimed to be and that makes me sad. I gave her my friendship, heart, ear, shoulder. I stood up for her when no one else would. I listened to her online and on the phone when she felt she was not being treated the way she felt she should be. I don't know if I've ever regretted giving my heart to someone like I do her. I am just so sad that I let myself be sucked into a person who is not true to herself and is so lost it seems that she brings others down.

I've gotten her out of my life and I hope that with this journal I can feel like I can let her go completely. :(

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