Thursday, October 12, 2006


Well life is going well here. We're getting closer and closer to Chad coming home and before I know it we'll be down to single digits and let me tell you that it's only a few days away!!!! I can not wait! With the fact that he's coming home though means that the pressure is on to get everything done. I'm a procrastinator. I clean my best when I am pressured! I do have things that just have to be done before last minute. Laundry.

I HATE laundry. We're on the 3rd floor and the laundry room is in the basement, so that stinks, but over all I never have liked it. I have an "X" amount of baskets with clean and folded clothes in them and not put up. I know! It's terrible, but that's my reality! It's my "dirty" (well they're clean! LOL) little secret, although a few people in my life know this sad fact already! So I've decided every day I'll put away at leat one basket of laundry that I've needed to put away. Plus I have laundry I need to get caught up on. So as I get the laundry done, I'll put that away too, so ultimately I'll probably be putting away 2 or 3 baskets away a day. That's really the big thing I want to get done. Just basic cleaning the house. The boys are working on their bedroom which they will finish soon and then next week they'll get their playroom all nice and cleaned up, it's not too bad, but I want it to be as good as it can be before Chad comes home.

I'm hoping to just have everything just right for when he comes home so he can just truly relax and feel like this is his soft place to come home to without feeling like we have things to accomplish in the first few days!


sangrialel said...

I hate laundry too!!  Linda

scotthlori said...

I have a feeling things could be a total disaster and he would be just as happy to be home with you and the boys!  =)


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randlprysock said...

I hate laundry too.  I've been slacking this year on all cleaning duties.  I guess Florida heat has not been good to me in this regard.  I aim to get back to doing better now that the cooler weather is coming.  Hugs,

pixiedustnme said...

hmm, does that mean i have to go take my laundry out of my basket too?!!