Saturday, October 21, 2006

5 Days! (added pictures)

5 days people, 5 days until my husband is home in my arms and playing with our children once again! Today's a crisp, rainy October day in the state of Bavaria (Germany). It's beautiful. I really, really love sitting at my desk looking out my window at the bright orange leaves. They're so beautiful. Today I will get a picture of the particular tree that I look at.

I have accomplished one of my goals so far today. All the laundry is done! Well, of course as the boys finish cleaning their room, they've managed to give me another load of clothes that was so kindly "hiding" under their bed! But I can handle that. It's just one load. I am also thrilled to say 4 loads have been put up so far and I have 2 or 3 left, they're all folded, but they just need to be put away. I WILL finish that today! We've only been working on this for a couple hours and I also while putting clothes away, rearranged the boys closets! See I HAVE been productive today!

We're having a late lunch from a late breakfast. It's almost done. I have a pot of chili going too, so when we're hungry we can eat that. Dinner tonight will most likely just happen when someone's hungry, and they can eat!

I hate to get up from my desk. I love looking out my window and looking at these stunning oranges and yellows of the leaves. I am going to take a picture (s) of them today, so you can enjoy the beauty I am right now!


If we get the boys room all done, I'll be taking a picture of that too! LOL It's been quite the feat! I want everything to be as perfect as it can be for when Chad comes home and we're almost there! 5 more days! 5 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 The beginning of the day you couldn't see the floor, literally!

(Clothes set out on the ottoman for church in the morning)


I'll be removing the carpet tomorrow prob. and throwing it out. We've had it for almost 10 yrs and it's a mess now after the boys took their toll on it. I will have to buy a new one, I don't want to take a chance of the hardwood getting damaged\



 The boys closets leftside is shelves                                                                        right side is the bar to hang up clothes



Jacob and Jack in Jack's bed (bottom bunk) all tuckered out after a hard day of work!


 I just loved this picture of Jack! :)

I didn't end up getting pictures of the tree outside my living room, but I did take these yesterday, these two tree's are by the building across the parking lot from us. We now are also a blue building (I'm definately "blued-out", but they didn't ask me so we'll live with it! LOL)


You can see the roof to our building on the left (we're about the same color, just slightly lighter)


Same building as above, better view of more colorful trees.



pixiedustnme said...

hinding under their bed >giggle<  i always feel so at home :-)

jckfrstross said...

oh man hiding under the bed so normal:) counting down the days with you:)


alilsnowangel said...

I've been reading your journal for awhile and I love it, my husband is in the army as well, and served overseas in Iraq in 2004, I know how exciting it is to finally have them home after they've been away so long.  Here's hoping the days go by fast so you'll see your soldier soon!


scotthlori said...

I am so excited for you and your boys!


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ktkamanski said...

How exciting for you, the closer it gets the longer it will seem.  I love to clean (I know not normal), I wish I could of been there to do all the cleaning for you. Best to you and yours :o)

sangrialel said...

Great pics Christy!!  Linda