Thursday, October 12, 2006

Army Strong


The New Army Slogan....I never liked the "Army of One", for the most part it was just Army can't run on being individuals. Soldiers are a team. They must work together. For 20 yrs, I think most of not all of us think of the Army as soon as we here the little diddy..."Be All That You Can be" :)

I like Army Strong. I really like the new commercial. Our soldiers are some of the most amazing people out there! I'm proud to be married to a soldier who's an amazing man strong in strength, character, and morals.


scotthlori said...

I don't know why I read your entry and I thought "and that is something to be proud of", which I immediately followed with "that's a lot you can hang your hat on" ... I listen to way to much country radio!  LOL


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cdittric77 said...

I actually think the new ad campaign will do them well - they need to increase recruits!
But, even so, when it comes to football.....


jckfrstross said...

i personally like be all that you can be:)


stupidsheetguy said...

You're proud, and I'm grateful for his service. Army STRONG!


randlprysock said...

Hope you have a great weekend Christy!!  Sorry I am slow getting around to journals lately.  You have every right to proud of your man!!  Hugs,

delela1 said...

I absolutely agree.  Never thought Army of One carried the message.

pixiedustnme said...

Don't make me feel old!  I'm still stuck on Be All That You Can Be - and now they're changing it again?   ROFL - just be thankful you're not in the Air Force, let's see we went from "Aim High" to "Step into the Blue" (and did anybody even know they had that particular slogan?) and now i saw a new commercial that had the slogan "Do Something Amazing" (or something lame like that!)  Suddenly Army of One doesn't sound that bad - LOL

trickeytricky said...

This is gay - but I am going to tell you anyways - when ever I sing the diddy "Be all that you can be" I suddenly burst out into the village people's "In the Navy" afterwards, I don't know why . . . I'm just retarded like that.

Either way, army strong - I like it! I agree with you.

Amanda :)

angcrewswife said...

I'm not very fond of either slogan. I agree about the Army of One, but the Army strong sounds a bit cavemanish to me. Not sure why, but I can just picture my husband grunting and saying 'Army Strong' in the most caveman sounding tone haha. Yes, I need a passport to go to Korea, Justin is not sure that will work. So he is supposed to find out for me and in the mean time I will just see if I can rush a Non Drivers Id. It really doesnt make any sense that I would need 2 photo ID's and along with a passport when most people only have a drivers license and passport for an ID when traveling overseas. Alas, this is the land of the military, it's their world, Im just livin in it.  
Take Care,