Friday, October 20, 2006

6 days and counting!

Well in 6 days my husband SHOULD be home! I'm excited and so ready. I've been a laundry crazy woman today! I have at most 2 more loads to wash, then it's all about putting them up! I plan to get at leats 2 loads put away today or tonight, and tomorrow I'm going to fnish putting it all away! I know totally boring, but I'm just thinking out loud you could say! Tomorrow the boys and I are also going to finish our banners and posters!

Sunday we'll be hanging up all our banners, the whole battalion of us wives! There are currently a lot of posters and banners up right now for the other 2 units that just came home, they are supposed to have all theirs down by this weekend, so that we don't have to take them down and possibly ruin them, since some of them are truly beautiful!

The boys and I are just trying to stay busy and get through this next week! I know it'll go by quickly, but slowly all at the same time! I have a lot that I still need to get done, and not much time to do it. I work best though with pressure on!

In the beautiful land of Germany, the leaves are all turning into the beatiful fall colors. I look out my living room window at gorgous tree's of orange, yellow, red, and light greens! I love fall. I love the crisp air. When Chad's home we'll be going down to
Edelweiss for a full week! I'm really looking forward to that! I think it'll be just gorgous down there. We went there last yr about this time last yr and it was so beautiful, so hopefully there will still be leaves left on the tree's and all that beauty left! 

I'll keep you all updated on if he's still going to arrive when we're being told! This weekend we're supposed to get more definate dates. We'll then get 48 hr notice, so hopefully Tuesday I'll be getting a call and then calling other wives to let them all know that our husbands are coming home on Thursday!


trickeytricky said...

Yay! I really hope he does get to come home to ya'll on time! That would be fabulous!

Keep us posted!

Amanda :)

pixiedustnme said...

I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it!

bpcorn48 said...

I'm so happy he is com home to you and the boys, and is safe,,,,,,,DIANE

bpcorn48 said...


ktkamanski said...

Always remember to think and speak positively - HE WILL BE HOME IN 6 DAY'S!!
I can imagin what this must be like for you - God love you and yours :o)

sangrialel said...

6 days!!!!!!!!!  YEAH!!  Linda

deshelestraci said...

I know you can't wait!  In some ways it seems like he just left but I know that can't be.
I met a girl in Oregon who had just gotten back from Germany and she had been working at Edelweiss.  She wouldn't have met guests she said as she was really only there for a little while and then somewhere else the rest of the time.  I was impressed that I actually knew something about her location!

crewsfour said...

I am so very happy that Chad is coming home - I know its been a long time coming and I can only imagine how excited the boys are.  I hope the next 6 days flies by for you and I can't wait to see the homecoming pictures.  Take care - Leene

ukgal36 said...

happy for you hun!! you did a great job holding down the fort while he was away... well done to you!!!  I feel your excitement.. woo hoo!!


jckfrstross said...

i am so excited for you:) and the boys:) counting down is so much fun then the day comes make sure you have lots of kleenex you will need it:)


stupidsheetguy said...

I've been living through this kind of thing with a few of my friends, and man, that 6 days can feel like the longest of your life. They won't be, though! I can't wait to read about the reunion.

Make sure you thank that husband of yours for the sacrifice and service.


chevyz71gurl74 said...


Only 6 more days!!!!  =)


mkolasa101 said...

I haven't been around to many journals lately and I'm so happy that I picked today to come to yours.  I love how you think out loud and I'm so very, very excited for you and your sons that Chad is almost home.  Sounds exciting to me.  God's blessing be upon you and Chads safe arrival home.

Marlene-A Poets Point Of View

cdittric77 said...

Thank you for keeping us updated - we can't wait to see your wonderful family reunited again!