Friday, September 22, 2006

Taking Bible Verses Out of Context

 (Start from the subject) This saddens me when I see this. What's even sadder is when you share with someone that they have, show them the proof (via the verses surrounding the particular text they've misquoted or taken out of context), and they continue to argue. It's not about interrupting differently, it's about simply taking a verse and using it for your own agenda. Why are we (just people in general) so stubborn and PRIDEFUL that when we're shown that we took something out of context or misquoted. I know I struggle with pride, and it's a hard pill to swallow. Yet I know that I must. I am not the best at it, but I honestly try.

If we are going to quote the bible and use verses to prove our point, we need to share them in correct context. I don't think using an excuse is ok for using them out of context. We need to look at the verses before and after the verse that we feel alone supports what we're talking about, to make sure that's truly what that verse IS saying. It saddens me and just disheartens me.





lv2trnscrb said...

I totally agree, Christy. Was there a particular verse that you are talking about here?

Also, people have to look at the time and place for particular verses. Its like the one I think in Titus where Paul says women should not be speaking up in church or teaching. People take offense to that and take it out of context so much condemning Christianity for putting down women. But the truth was that he was writing about the particular women at that church at that time because women back then were not taught at synagogue school (or whatever they called it) and the men knew the scriptures. The women were know being given the chance to learn but they didn't have the background like the men did so they would, of course, have questions and that's why they interrupted and that's why Paul said basically to be quiet during teaching time and inquire of their husband's afterwards for clarification. He didn't say they should never talk in church or teach in church but was addressing a specific problem at that specific time. Make sense?

long-winded, but I know what you are talking about. Just keep reading the Word and praying. That's the best we can do.


fairylaura said...

I've dealt with situations like this. Where people point something out.. and use it in their own way. Last year in Ethics when we talked about religion and the bible people were so "I don't care what the bible says!" type of attitude. I spoke my mind on the subject, and I hope people didn't think I was judging, but I said what I believed in. And by any means did I judge the people that were in there. There is this book that my professor recommended called "Misquoting Jesus". He said it was a real good book. I haven't read it myself though. Have a good one!


hunybea4him said...

whole doctorines are built up on one line of scripture.. and that too is wrong.. I'v been taught that to form a doctrine or even an opinion you have to take the whole context.. and Line upon line.. there has to be more than just one place where there is a refrance.. take the whole Bible in, not just one tiny bit.

Just pray for who ever.. that the Holy Spirit will guide them and  they will get into the Word and know what it says.  People do not like to take correction and sometimes only God can be the one to open eyes.

zoepaul6968 said...

I think that the verses were meant as a guideline,not to be taken word for word,who lives their lives like that? One persons interpretation of a sentance is something completeley different to someone elses,that is the essence of ourselves,to be different,not to exclude because someone doesnt see the things you do in the way you do,thats dictating to others,not allowing them the freedom to see what they want to,does everyone see shakespeare the same? I can tell you no,the interpretations of just one paragraph can vary greatly,so as in the bible,unless we all study at the same place,how can we be sure we are finding the same information? Instead of obsessing over a book and what chapter,verse and quote that musnt be taken out of context,you want to quote,just accept we are all different living under the same sky and some people make a tiny mistake or error,and guess what? The world wont collapse,the sky wont fall,and the world keeps turning,I havent been struck by lightening and the price of good health care keeps going up,why? Because this is it,no more,this is the world,live life here,not waiting for some wonderful life after death,thats not important,life here is.

fisherkristina said...

I agree with you.