Sunday, September 24, 2006

I got this one from Terri


I Live:  With my wonderful husband, boys, a cat, and 2 birds in Germany!!
I Work: As a mother, wife, and teacher (home schooling)
I Talk: a lot! lol
I Wish: there was a cure for Childhood Cancer so no other child or parent had to go through that pain.
I Enjoy: being with my family
I Look: like me
I Find:joy in Jesus
I Smell: the outdoors (windows are all open)
I Think: people need to know Jesus and be more aware of childhood cancer and just how many children die from it every year.
I Listen: to who ever's talking to me, although I admit to getting distracted at times.
I Hide: things that I wish I could share everything that's in my heart.
I Walk: with Christ
I Write: as a release
I See: how messy my desk is (it's insane!)
I Sing: because I love to!
I Laugh:  everyday
I Can: do anything God has planned for me.
I Watch: too much tv
I Learn:something everyday, especially from my children!
I Dream: of growing old with my husband!
I Want: my husband to come home safe and sound and to see a cure to Childhood Cancer in my lifetime.
I Cry: because I'm a woman
I Read:  a lot! From journals, magazines, newspapers, magazines, children's books, Christian based books, and the bible
I Love: Jesus, my husband, my children, family, and my friends
I Sometimes: just yearn for Heaven.
I Hurt: when someone says cruel and untrue things and just takes things from a one sided view vs looking at both sides or at least asking. Also hurt to hold Jordyn again (I know one day I will!!!!!)
I Fear: Chad being killed in Iraq or one of my other children dying.
I Hope: For a cure to childhood cancer. My boys to grow up and be Godly Men. For everyone to come to know Jesus.
I Broke:no bones so far in my life, but have broke a couple hearts in my life. :(
I Eat: too much, so I'm eating less!
I Quit: cussing when I gave my heart to Jesus, but I've slipped up some and have made a new committment that even those "little words" to stop. I'm ashamed of myself for that slip up.
I Bathe: when I need to
I Drink: water, I LOVE water!
I Save: my deepest feelings and emotions for Chad
I Hug: my boys every single day, many times a day
I Meditate: never
I Play: with my boys everyday!!!
I Miss: Chad (just a few more weeks!) and of course Jordyn
I Forgive: those who've hurt me, but I don't forget
I Drive: very well, and surprisingly fast on the autobahn! LOL
I Have: everything because of Jesus Christ!
I Cant:wait until Chad's home!!!!!!!!! (Can you tell I'm excited AND Ready!)
I Don't: and won't deny Jesus Christ as my savior or smoke (it's digusting and a horrible addiction that I pray everyone who does will quit)
I Kiss: my sweet boys every day  and soon my honey!
I Believe: In Jesus Christ as my Living and TRUE GOD
I Feel: Happy that 4 soldiers came home today, safe, sound, and to the arms of those who love them!
I Know:  I'm loved
I Wonder:if Chad will have to go back to Iraq in the next 12 months....come on General S. announce it already.


chevyz71gurl74 said...

Loved your answers!
Not long and Chad will be in your arms again =)
So excited for you and the kids...
My desk is a mess too...hehehe

sangrialel said...

Love your answers.  Linda

lv2trnscrb said...

amen to that; I won't deny Jesus either :)


cdittric77 said...

I so hope he doesn't have to go back!


trickeytricky said...

It's good to know that you look like . . . you! :-D

Love your this entry and your answers!

As always, I hope you are doing well.

Amanda :)