Saturday, July 22, 2006

One Year Ago

One year ago the boys and I got onto the plane and headed to BWI and then boarded our plane for Germany!!!! In about 8 or 9 hrs it'll be 1 yr since the boys and I arrived in Germany! I love living here! I know our family misses us, but I'm so thankful for this wonderful opportunity! I'll write more tomorrow!


lv2trnscrb said...

I bet it has been a wonderful opportunity! I bet the year has flown by fast on some things and moved incredibly slow on other things


jckfrstross said...

wow 1 year congrats:) can you post some pics of the country side? i would love to see more of germany. did you go swimming?


mikalsgrl said...

Yeah Christy!!

I can not believe it's been a year already. I wished I had known you a little more than, because I would have loved to meet you at BWI and just think, as you were taking just may have seen Top- doing you know what :) LOL!! It is soooo great seeing the adventures you take the boys around Germany- they are forever memories:)