Friday, July 14, 2006

Here we go

I started the first part today, what is that you ask....losing weight. I will not say how much I've gained since moving here to Germany, but it's not pretty and I'm well horrified as I stepped on the scale tonight and saw I'm at my highest weight ever. I'm literally going to kill myself if I don't get a handle on this yesterday I started with for me a big more pepsi or pop in general I had my last pepsi and actually didn't even realize it was the last one. Let me tell you the actual desire is the worst right now. I'd love nothing more than to crack open a nice, ice cold Pepsi. I can literally taste it, but I'm out and I am NOT going to buy anymore. I went to the commissary and refused to even look at it when I went down that isle. I would have totally avoided it, but of course it had items in it that I needed, that Chad requested I send him (Wonder Bread...that stuff has so many freaking preservatives in it, amazing and frightening all in one), microwavable popcorn, beef jerky, & slim jims (all in the pop isle...) But I walked on by. Jacob even asked me "Mom aren't you getting any Pepsi?" I just told him "No".


PLEASE pray for me. This is feeling much harder this time around than it was last yr when I gave it up. Chad was an encourager so I think that's probably one of the hardest parts, he's not here to encourage me. I am going to do this though. I am going to lose this weight. I know it's going to take time and a lot of hard work but I can do it. Chad's lost 30 lbs just since April. Now I know that's not a normal amount to lose and so quickly, of course he's working out in the gym a few times a week (when he's at camp), he's really watching what and how much he eats, and well it's hotter than any of us can imagine...normal temps are ranging from 130-150 there right now, so he has to just be sweating some off at night sleeping! He really, really looks great though! He was on the webcam the other night and he just looks great!! I'm really proud of him and happy for him and well I can't be having my husband weighing less than me, so I'm going to be working my butt off (hopefully literally!!). Walking everyday, watching what and how much I eat, and drinking water, lots and lots and lots of water! Tomorrow the boys and I are going downtown, so I'm hitting the farmers market and going to load up on lots of fresh veggies and fruits.

Chad and I have had some good discussions on how we want to change our eating habits, cooking habits, etc. One thing I'm doing it going to start cooking with coconut oil. It's so good for you. For many years it's been put out that it's bad for you and will kill you. It's a lie. It's frightening to think of some of the bull those who have this power will use it and will lie to people. I have a friend who has an extra gallon of it and I'm going to buy that from her to start off with. What's even more awesome is that you can use it on more than just your food/cooking. You can use it on your skin for dry skin, rashes, as well as break outs (which I've been getting terribly the last couple months), and so many other things! I'm working on getting a lot of the junk out of here as well. As it gets ate, most of it will not be purchased again except for special occasions. If I don't have it here, I can't eat it!

So that's where I am at...losing weight, getting healthy, feeling good inside and looking good on the outside.


I'm hoping to be in bed by Midnight! That's my next goal. To start hopefully falling asleep by midnight! I am going to have to take something to help me, but at this point I am willing, it doesn't knock me completely if anything happens I can still wake up, it just gets me to sleep. Getting to sleep is really my only problem too.


God Bless


ukgal36 said...

Good luck with the diet Christy.. I know only too well how hard it is.. I am kick starting my diet by doing a cleanse and I have a terrible headache from not having any caffeine I need to lose weight before hubby comes home too.. he is on this fitness kick over there.. all the guys are working out etc... he looks good anyways..but he says he is going to be totally buff by the time he comes home..must be nice to only have to worry about yourself downfall is having two teenagers in the house... I know that's just another of my excuses but it sounded good didn't it?? ;-)

jckfrstross said...

good luck:)


lv2trnscrb said...

Christy; I'm right with you on this weight loss thing. Had my annual checkup today and have gained a few pounds so time to get it under control. And I know where I was doing mine; snacking in the afternoon with a bag of chips; I know better. Anyway, I will be more than happy to support you and pray for you and encourage you.

That is awesome that you didn't get any Pepsi!! I am betting Diet Pepsi is not an option?

You are making good changes by going slow and thinking how you can cook and eat healthier. Reader's Digest had a diet program "Change One"; every week you would change one thing to eat healthier or do more exercise, etc rather than trying to accomplish too much in the beginning and burning out. So start small, be consistent and that weight will start coming off. You can do this!!!


fairylaura said...

Good for you!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm right there with you hun. I've gained a total of 18lbs since Adrian has come back!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe that???????? NUTS you say!? I say it's INSANE! I knew I was gaining weight, I knew it, but did nothing until my clothes started fitting me tighter. THEN I some how snapped out of fantasy world and said "Um, you worked too hard to get the scale down to let it all go up." So I'm starting my healthy life again! So yes, I'll say a prayer for you.. send one my way too!


deshelestraci said...

Oh crud.  I sit here with ice cream,  my downfall, in front of me.
I have started cutting back on Cokes.  I never drink them at home anymore.  And since we don't go out to eat that often...I have lost about 5 lbs.  We are going to the Farmer's market tomorrow so I am going to get some good for us stuff!
We can do it!

deanfm6 said...

I know it's a hard decision to lose weight, but you should be proud of yourself for even realizing it.  The first thing I did, when I started WW, was to go COLD TURKEY on soda.  I had become so addicted to it, I knew I couldn't do anything else.  I did not like diet drinks so I had to just quit all together.  I spent the first 3 months drinking mainly water and crystal light...and then I took my first diet drink sip.  Now I have to watch myself on those, but having a 12 oz soda every so often as opposed to two 44 oz regular Coke's is a much better trade off.  

My biggest problem is eating out, but I'm doing better and making better choices.  

Thirty lbs since January 1st.....I think it's worth it!! :)


Oh, and I know what you mean about weighing less than your hubby......for the past 10 years I've weighed more than Rob due to pregnancies, nursing, etc.  Now I weigh 15 lbs less than him.  :)