Saturday, July 29, 2006

A little update

This past week I really was just not in the mood to write. I tried, but nothing was coming. We have 3 months left of this deployment and although it's went quickly over all I'm ready for it to be over. I miss Chad and the boys miss him. I know these last 3 months will go by quickly, the boys and I have things we're going to do to keep busy. A friend and I are planning on taking all our kids to a resort, it's a few hours away, looks like a lot of fun.

This coming week I'm going to be watching Baby DJ. I watched him a few months ago for a while. His mom and him moved about 1-2 hrs away. She has to go out to the field for the week, so she's bringing him over tomorrow evening and I'll have him until Friday or Saturday. If it's warm enough we'll go to the pool, but I'm not sure if it's going to be they're calling for the 70's next week, which will be nice. If so we'll be going on a lot of walks and the different parks. There's a castle that's close to us that I just recently found so I may take all of us there too. I'm thinking about going driving 2 hrs to Heidleburg, but we'll see how the boys all are.

It's really beautiful today, the kids and I went to the park by our place this morning and we're going to go back out after nap time..yes nap time we all LOVE nap time! Oh I didn't mention today I'm watching my friend's girls, the plan is for them to spend the night. Their Daddy came home for R&R today, the girls don't know he's home yet...they'll find out in the morning when HE comes to pick them up!! I know...awwww! They're going to be so surprised! J & J deserve a little alone time. They've had a hard run of their marriage. They actually split up for over a year, right after she got pg with their youngest little girl. She and the girls lived in Ohio and he was in NC...they didn't talk for a good 6 or 9 months (I can't remember). Then he called and asked if they could try slowly they did. Not long after they officially got back together they moved here and then a couple months later he was sent to Iraq. They are spending his first day/night alone, which as you can tell they deserve and need! They have good girls, the oldest can have her moment's, but I keep her pretty well in line. :)

So say a prayer for me..I'll be having extra kids to care for over the next 6-7 days! I'll try to post over this next week!!!


sangrialel said...

That will be so fun when he comes to pick the girls up.  I hope they enjoyed thier time alone.  Have fun this week with the extra kids.  Linda

jckfrstross said...

how nice of you to give that mom and dad a break:) good luck this week with extra kids:) praying all goes well for you


deshelestraci said...

I know what you mean about not feeling like writing.  Sometimes I have nothing to share or no way to make it sound even remotely interesting so I don't.  
Well, at least with the kid watching time will pass quickly.  One or two additions always keep things lively.

lv2trnscrb said...

Christy; so glad you updated; was a bit concerned about you. Having extra kids might help the next week go by a bit faster and bring the time closer before Chad comes home. Pretty soon you will be talking with the boys about making posters to welcome him home. Amazing that its been nine months already; to me it seems like yesterday that you were writing about him going.

take care of yourself


randlprysock said...

Finally some time to get around to reading all of my alerts!!  And now we are getting them helps too LOL.  I just know you are missing Chad and being so brave!!  Keeping you in my prayers!!  The trip to the resort sounds like so much fun!  Hugs,