Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Morning After

I woke up this morning found that we're covered in snow!! Oh I love snow it's still snowing btw at almost 1 in the afternoon! Late this morning (almost noon) I got on here and oh how GOD humbles me over and over. He does it directly and of course uses others to do that. The Lord had humbled me ast night which caused me to write my 2nd entry of the night and then humbled me this morning through you. I agree I need and must turn to GOD.

God constantly humbles me through his teachings, his love, and his desire for my life. For those who don't have a relationship with Christ, I pray you will develop one. God is not a God who builds up walls that can not be climbed. He puts up standards that he commands be with-held. He loves us and does not any of us to perish, but instead he wants us to repent, and be in his house forever.

I thank you for being there last night. Because many of you could relate to my feelings, God spoke to me through you. He showed me where I was going wrong and showed me what I needed to do to do better. He reminded me of things I already knew, but because I was in self pity mode, without your words that ultimately were his, he allowed me to get out of that mode! Oh how faithful he is. Even when we hurt and know it'll pass, he finds ways to teach us.

I don't presume to know how he will teach each of you, but I hope that each of you will seek him. Will desire to do his will, to feel his comfort, and be part of his house. How can any of us want to live in this world without him? If I don't have Christ in my life, I have nothing. Oh well I take that back, I'd have turmoil and pain. We can have GOD and not have a perfect life, but the difference is we have hope with Christ. We can truly know LOVE when we have Christ.

If I lost sight of anything last night was that Christ is truly all I need. I did want to address one other thing, Barbara wisely talked about how we have to be careful of what we say about our husband's and to who. I agree. I try to not do as I see from some of my friends and others, "man bashing". I think it's a break down in my marriage vows as well as the fact that I'm raising two little boys who will one day be men, and God willing husband's and father's themselves. I would be horrified to think that their wives devalued them. I know Chad's not perfect and that because we're different people we don't see things the same. I guess I want to explain that because I had venting last night that I wanted to share, it was with a friend who'd not judge Chad, simply allow me to get it out. She's vented about her husband and I know she absolutely adores her husband and I think he's a great guy. I guess it prob. goes about what we're venting over. Which for me is in hindsite rediculous! I was annoyed because he didn't do dishes or bring up the laundry without me asking! LOL Yes I know many of you probably think "even if I asked he still wouldn't what do you have to complain about." You're right! Nothing! He's a great husband, provider, and father. He went down to the basement at 11:45 and brought up all the laundry nicely folded! He will do the dishes and had I asked he'd most likely done them. Quite often when I get ready for bed, I'll leave a note for him to take the trash out, lately he's been awesome about going to the bathroom and gathering that up as well as the kitchen AND putting a trashbag back in to replace the old one! I don't share this to brag, I say this because I honestly recognize what a wonderful husband I do have. The two friends I'd "vent" to recognize his wonderful qualities and one of them knows him very well (we've gotten together many times) while the other one has talked to him on the phone many times and knows what a great guy he is. So thank you Barbara for your wise words and I want to share them with others. Be wise when venting about your husband. Don't say things that would harm your relationship with your husband or cause your friends to look down on him. If venting make sure there's an understanding it's just that a vent, but that ultimately it has more to do with YOU than him. Make sure it's with someone trusted, who may even be the one who can see past your frustration and who when necessary point out to you how good of a guy you have and remind you that this too shall pass, because it will!

I thank you all for your support, your kindness, your understanding, your love, and most of all your prayers. We serve an AWESOME GOD who loves us and desires us to be with him.

God Bless


deshelestraci said...

Glad for the snow!  wish we would get some!  It is good to get a perspective from others about certain issues.  Especially if they are wise which Barbara seems to be.

bhbner2him said...

I think you said what I said so much better!!  LOL  And I praise God you have women friends in your life you can trust with an occasional hubby vent!  ;o)  - Barbara

jckfrstross said...



freemansixpack said...

((((hugs))))) it's a wonderful thing to be able to say what you need to say at the moment and not feel like you have to back step and explain yourself or feelings later in fear of being belittled. Glad you have that.

randlprysock said...

We love the snow too!!! I do wish it would stop while we are moving furniture though!!!  Hugs,
Lisa  :)