Saturday, February 4, 2006

Thought of the day

Dona is doing this great "Thought of the Day". Well Friday's really spoke to me. Here's the link to this journal entry:

Here's the thought: "Every life has a measure of sorrow, and sometimes this is what awakens us."

I think we all get caught up in our own sorrow's. I know I've had my own sorrow's and some are more than others. My biggest is the loss of my little girl, Jordyn. To me there is no greater pain, heart ache, or loss than the death of your child. Through all that pain though, life continues. I have been blessed over and over in this life. I have God, I gave my heart to Jesus, I have 2 beautiful boys, an AMAZING husband who adores me, and in general a great life. We have times where money's tight, things are always full of joy, yet my focus can't constantly be on sadness. Losing Jordyn was horrible and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I grew so much from all that Jordyn went through. Sure I'd prefer she still be alive, but you know she's not and that's just a fact. I can't make her living and breathing, but I can keep her alive. I can keep her memory going. I've learned a lot since her death and through the sorrow of losing Jordyn, I did wake up to many things. I saw the many amazing people who are caring and giving and who truly care. I saw God's love truly and fully for ME. That even though I couldn't have been in any more emotional pain, he held me tight and never let me go.

How gracious God is.


Thank you Dona for sharing this thought.




deshelestraci said...

I think that quote is a good one.  No one likes to go through sorrows but it almost always makes you stronger!

katashawoolard said...

This is so true!  "There has to be both sun and rain to make a rainbow."  We always learn to appreciate things so much more after we've experienced the downside.  You know, I find your strength truly amazing.  You've experienced extreme hurt, the kind that most people never have to go through. You've gone on to continue  to be a wonderful wife and mother and through your grief, you've become an inspiration to others.  God Bless You!

Lady K  

randlprysock said...

Oh yes, the sorrow.  What a measure that one is to take.  I know God has held me up through it and it was deep and wide and almost swallowed me whole.  I know you can relate because of Jordyn.  Mine is a different sorrow all together but it was a bad one.  I am thankful it is over.  Thank God we are still standing.