Friday, February 17, 2006

It's a Good Day!

Yes that's right, we're all well and mended, so what's a Momma to do when her boys are both healthy and happy (well right now I'm ignoring Jack in the background screaming about something, who knows he missed out on his nap today oops, BAD MOMMY)...but I had a good excuse, really I did. Ok so maybe it's not a GOOD excuse, but it IS an excuse...I was shopping! LOL The PX was having a big sale on clothing, especially children's clothing so I got quite a bit for the boys for next year. I went and paid my internet/phone bill...good thing because it was REALLY, REALLY late! oops! See over here in wonderful Germany we have our military post office box, where 99.9999% of our mail is delivered and THEN we have our German mailbox where primarly junk mail is delivered, except 1 pesky bill, our only bill that's not taken out of our bank act It's the same company and I NEVER remember to go right out the backdoor (which I have to pass at least 10 times a week when going to the basement to do laundry) but I never have the key with me! LOL So for now that bill's all paid and I'm safe for the next couple weeks until next month's bill comes, but I did find out that I can pay that bill at the community bank here on post and only charged 1.00 to pay it there instead of 3 euro at the actual place of business! So that's a nice new find! Always good to find a closer place and a cheaper way! Not that Arcor (where our internet and phone's through) is far away, it's less than a mile away, it's just off post and if you understood how annoying it is to get on and off post you'd understand that it's most of the time just a pain in the butt.

So anyways, I went to the commissary got tonight's meal to cook. Ran into Power Zone (cd's, computers, etc through Aafes) and looked for the PSP which they're out of, of course...but I got the Carrie Underwood CD which I'm listening to now and LOVE! and also Sugarland :Twice the Speed of Life cd, I've heard awesome things about it. I'm normally a Contemp Christian Music girl, but do love country music as well, plus I happily (although sometimes a little shamefully) admit that I'm a HUGE American Idol fan! ROFL! I am...and I LOVE that it's on over here! We get it a day after you do in the states so don't you ever come here and spoil things for me! LOL The thing that stinks is I won't get to vote this year, since we obviously won't get it until the day after...but I'll just have to have some friends vote afew extra times for me for MY Choices!!! I've done pretty good in my favorites, I really wanted Carrie to win last yr, and of course she did and of course wanted Kelly to win. We all know Clay SHOULD have won, and we won't even talk about I think it was 4th Season's winner..I can't even think of her name..Diana DeGarmo was who I wanted to win between the two, because the other one I just can't stand...don't like her voice and well nothing else about her.

Ok, this has been a fairly pointless entry, but we need those you know! I'm in a great mood. My children are both back to being healthy, and best of all I got to chat with my wonderful husband earlier today and he's hoping to get back online again and he thanked me for the Buckeyes that I made him! He loves those and I made him a double batch!! He said they were a little stuck together, but they put them in the refridgerator and they were perfect, and he's sharing! That's really impressive, because he LOVES them! LOL I'm glad I can do little things to make him happy! Oh speaking of him, that was the other thing I did...mailed him 3 care packages today. One was his Valentine's Day gifts, yes I know bad wife...they're late, but I have a new address for him so things will go directly to him vs being flown into where he's at only to be packed right onto a truck to be sent down to where the rest of his unit is. (Right now he has SIX packages waiting for him down there, they've been there for about 3 weeks) so anyways his packages I sent today should get to him in about a week!! YES! I even got him some candy today that was 50% off  so he'll be surprised and can share all these goodies!


Ok better go work on dinner, vacuum, and watch a movie with my boys!


God's Blessings to Each and Every one of you!


barbpinion said...

Pointless entries ARE good to write and interesting to read. We all have our tough moments in life but focusing on them all the time won't help a thing. It's good to look around us and find those sunny, shiny things. Sometimes, like now, (for me)
It's hard to locate them but I know they're there. HUGE HUGS< and God bless you for your love and support.

sangrialel said...

I am so glad that everyone is feeling better!!  Thank you so much for the donation!  I truly appreciate it! Linda

lv2trnscrb said...

Christy, so happy to read your "pointless" entry which really wasn't pointless because it was filled with wonderful news, the most important of which was that you were feeling good, the kids were on the mend and you got to get out of the house and do some shopping! Awesome :)


cdittric77 said...


There is something uplifting when you hear someone else's good news and a happy day - all of a sudden your day isn't quite so gray anymore. And that's a very good thing.

Thank you :)


deshelestraci said...

I feel like a bad friend since I have read this but not commented on it.  I hope all is well since you haven't posted in a while.  We are recovering from both travel and illness.  Bella and I are still coughing and she has an ear infection.  We still have aol but are not using it currently.  I love American Idol, too.  With the traveling we didn't really get to watch it this past week, but I am ready for this week.

cdittric77 said...

Hope you are well, Christy :)

njmom72 said...

Hi there, I was just doing some late night journal surfing and came across yours. I'm a big American Idol fan too! It's always nice to meet another AI fan. Have a great Wednesday! :-)

~ Susan

happysunshien said...

ok i have been missing....but I am sorta getting back in the swing of things...I deleted about 700 alerts last

love ya!