Tuesday, February 7, 2006

God's Glory

I have Corretta Scott King's Funeral on right now. As I listen to the many people speaking and I think of how much I do not know about her or her husband. I know all of the many public things that are put out there for a generalization.

As much as I don't like it/her Hillary Clinton (not a fan of hers) she spoke of what Mrs. King must have been thinking when she married Martin. To know that this man wanted to change our country. It seems in so many ways she's held up to a level that truly  must have been very difficult to live up to day in and day out. I sat here listening to many and my thoughts kept going to Jesus.

He gave the ultimate sacrifice, after that sacrifice there was not a church filled with 10,000 people there to celebrate his life and grieve his death. There was not people sitting at home watching his funeral, there were not people standing on that podem sharing his GLORY to thousands up thousands of people.

Oh yes, his disiples did go out and spread his word, we have the bible now and oh how thankful I am. I just think of how well to me it makes me sad, that the one man we should daily be celebrating and sharing his life and word in the thousands and millions, yet most don't. I don't share God's word and love nearly as much as I should. I don't live as Christ tells me to live as often as I should. I fumble and fall day after day.

Oh how merciful God is. God's glory is shined upon us daily. He gives people different gifts. He shows his awesome power every moment of everyday, quite often though we're blind to his glory.


I am going to strive to find the Glory of day to GOD. I'm going to look for those "little things" that GOD shows us his love and mercy. I need to keep my focus on him. Look towards him instead of myself.

I urge each of you to look for the small things that God has created as one of the many things to Glorify him. Share them with others when you feel it's appropriate, and keep to yourself when you feel you should. Hide his word in your heart. I challenge each of you and myself to learn one bible verse a week. Memorize it, know it in your heart, live it.

God Bless


sangrialel said...

I will take the challenge!  Lelly

barbpinion said...

If we could but live what God says love is, our world could be so much better. We We are not hesitant to speak about our children, our hobbies - even our worries and fears. How sad it must make our Heavenly Father to see how quickly a room empties when somebody decides to speak of Him; how silent the room is - how suddenly awkward the people within it.
Hugs, love & prayers,
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deshelestraci said...

A bible study I just started going to has begun memorizing verses.  We are only up to two, but I like it.

lv2trnscrb said...

I will take the challenge, Christy. I used to do that a lot, memorize Scripture when I was walking Koda, but then it got cold out and I had to walk with gloves on and hard to hold the cards (I wrote the verses on index cards). But that's no excuse. Definitely need the word of the Lord penetrating into our hearts and minds


scotthlori said...

Both a touching and inspiring entry!


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randlprysock said...

A wonderful challenge and a very wonderful entry Christy!!  Thank you for sharing this.  Don't tell me they let Hilary speak at the funeral?!  I do not like her either.  Hugs,