Wednesday, October 24, 2007




Hi I'm still here, just really tired and there's been a lot going on here...some I can talk about some I'm just not ready to quite talk about. We're getting through everything and for the most part I'm still feeling pretty good. I have my down days but most of them have been up. Today I had PWOC and after lunch the kids and I went with my friend and her baby to Momax (think Ikea but cheaper) I didn't buy anything as I promised Chad I wouldn't, she got a few things but not much either. The boys acted like they'd never been there before (we've been there a few times) and were really getting on my nerves. They weren't bad, just constant and I do mean CONSTANT "Mom look at this, oh Mom, look at this, look at this, look at this" literally at EVERY single section! They were driving me bonkers! ;) When we got back I printed out team picture of Jacob's soccer team and I printed out one for each kid on the team, since we had our soccer party tonight. We did it at the bowling alley and we bought 5 large pizza's, 4 pitcher's of pop, and rented a room and did it all for $50.00...not bad imo! The party started at 5:30 and we left at 7:30. The kids all had a great time, but it was loud! Chad handed out the trophies, certificate of participation that I printed off, and the photo. He got an AWESOME thank you gift. He got a really cool's blue and they stenciled on it "Coach", gave him a dvd of various games through the season, a water cooler, different sorts of supplies, and a really nice photo album about 1/4 of the way filled. I'm going to print off pictures from not just this soccer, but Jack's and the other sports the boys have played to put in there! It's a leather bound photo album, really nice! Oh and that basket, I'm so taking it! That was the "team" gift. Then another little girl gave him a free movie rental card for 5 free movies along with a cute little home made card and another gave Chad and I a thank you card. It was really sweet. The kids had tons of fun and ultimately that's all that matters. Chad had a REALLY great group of kids this year and the parents were great too! I had a couple friends who's kids were on the team so that was an easy perk and then got to know a couple of the other mom's and really like them so it was really nice!The kids all played well together, none of the normal issue's you'd expect with 6-8 yr olds so it was really nice!




Oh Jack had his soccer party on Monday. His coach is a friend of mine, we share a name! :) Her older daughter was on Jacob (and Chad's) team. Her and I have a lot in common, besides the same "great" name. She has a 9 yr old (son) Jordyn would be 9, a 6 yr old daughter (Jacob's age), and a 4 yr old (Jackson). Her 6 yr old is also Emma Grace! :) She's a riot and I enjoy hanging out with her! Her Emma was on Jacob's baseball team, which is how we met (they'd just moved here before baseball season). Oh and our younger two...both were born at Fort Riley...remember same years! Of course we didn't know each other at Ft. Riley...we had to come to Germany to meet! LOL She's requesting that both her girls be on Chad's basketball teams (he's coaching both boys!)...that man is crazy, but I'm so glad he's doing this because there are times in our life that it's simply not possible. Initially when he came home last year I more or less pushed him into coaching the boys in basketball...but no more pushing, he really enjoys it and the boys LOVE having Daddy as their coach and the other kids on his team love him!




Yesterday Emma decided it was the start or another growth spurt. I breastfeed her and love it, man though yesterday I was absolutely WORN OUT! She nursed every 30-45 minutes and would nurse for at least 30 minutes. She wasn't just pacifying either...but strong nursing. I was literally empty when Chad came home, nothing was left in me it felt like and I was so phsyically drained too. Chad took her for me, for about 30 minutes so I could just rest, which was a blessing. After that though...if anyone tried to hold her she was screaming for me. She woke up about every 2 hrs last night too, to nurse, she normally sleeps about 5 hrs straight at night before waking to nurse. To say the least I was exhausted this morning and not sure why the heck I'm still up, because I'm so drained! Tonight she's still nursing like a mad girl! I know it won't last forever and I do cherish this time with her. I'm all she truly wants and needs. If someone else is holding her, you can bet she's leaning trying to find me, and if she hears my voice she's practically falling out of their arms. I know you think I'm exaggerating, but it's true. She LOVES her Momma and her Momma loves her!




Well I am getting off of here. Tomorrow morning I have to be up and out of here early. We have Mom's Morning Out and I have to go get the keys to open up the Yellow Ribbon Room and then after dropping the boys off there, I'm heading up to the Matting and Framing Class, which PWOC is having a special class (well 10 of us). I'm excited. I've wanted to take this class, but either I forget or something comes up...when it's offered during the week and weekends, so since they offer a deal of 10 people for $50.00 for the whole class (5.00 a person) you can't beat it. I asked my friend D who works there and who comes to PWOC if it was something we could offer and she said sure! Tomorrow's our first one and next month we're going to offer another one and if there's still demand they'll offer another one for our ladies in Feb. most likely! So anyways...I'm excited and once I have this class done I can go up anytime the matting and framing room is open and matt and frame pictures!

Have a good evening....Good night



pixiedustnme said...

I am SO glad soccer went so well (and you know, way better than MY cheerleading season - ROFL).  And I'm glad Emma loves you so much, but I can imagine it is nervewracking when you are the only one who can calm her.  It's always a double-edged sword!  oh and is the van fixed yet?  did I ask you that already?   I'm so forgetful ;-)

mumma4evr said...

I would love to learn to mat and frame!!

bhbner2him said...

Glad the sports enthusiasts had some good times.  Cherish all that wonderful time with Emma!  They grow up way too soon.  -  Barbara

manda2177 said...

You are such a busy girl!  Its hard to believe that you are in Germany!

I am thankful you have such a wonderful loving husband and such great kids.  You have so much to be thankful for... and so do they!

I am still nursing my 13 month old and he is really similar to Emma in that he really loves his mommy.  Sometimes daddy comes close...but NO one else!

Thanks for sharing...God's blessings to you and yours-

mikalsgrl said...

great update Christy!!

Sounds like the players really treated Chad well-with all of his special gifts!

I hope the framing class goes well-Todd learned alot taking it and it has saved us tons with framing things.

Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

deshelestraci said...

Glad to hear an update.  Sounds like Emma is really trying hard to get big.  Makes for a very unproductive (in some ways) day!

jckfrstross said...

wow what a buzy few days lol glad emma is eating and growing:) so glad Chad can coach the basketball games for the boys:) what great memories. have a good time at the class


cvgflydis said...

Good to see you're hanging in there. What nice stuff your hubby received for being coach. Eddie usually coaches Alyssa's basketball team, but opted out this year. I think this may be the last year we let her play (it's co-ed) as the coaches get WAY TOO competitive, and yell at the kids ruthlessly. Just too young (the kids) to be yelled at like that, as if it's the NCAA championship game.

Hope you are getting enough rest (as if THAT happens with a new baby)!
Take it easy!


chevyz71gurl74 said...

$50 bucks ~ wow ya'll did great with that, and how sweet of the kids to get Chad those gifts =)  
Have a great weekend