Sunday, August 12, 2007


I weighed myself today and I'm down 30 lbs! I only gained aprox 20 lbs while pg with Emma so I have managed an extra 10 off of that. Trust me I'm not doing anything right now...just that I get full fast, drinking tons and tons of water (my guess is I'm getting about 14 glasses in at least I'm going to count tomorrow), and Emma's a nursing maniac! :) I'm hoping by next March to have another 30 lbs off if not more. I have a couple friends that are supposed to come in March and I'd love to be smaller than the last time they saw me which one saw me when Jack was 20 months old and one saw me when Jack was 7 months old. I'm going to jump back onto the weight watchers plan here in a few weeks when I can think a little better and not feel so drained. I'm thinking after I have my 6 week check up. Once I do I'll start my weight loss journal back up, so I have a  place that I can be accountable at.

My friend Bobbie and I are going to start walking together every day. She's actually already walking everyday/evening so I'll just join her. She's walking 2 miles a day, I'm probably going to start off with 1 mile and work my way up. I know I can do 4 laps around the track, can probably do more but I'm not going to beat myself up if I can't. I also want to start going to the gym, it'll just be finding the time for it. I do have things right here at home (hand weights and my gazelle) that I can use to work out with, but the gym obviously has a lot more for me...but since I won't be leaving Emma I can only go during certain times at the gym although I can't take her with me into the weight training room, but they have some eliptical machines and bikes hooked up for mom's of tots to work out on (child has to be in a carseat or stroller), and since I homeschool not like the boys go I may just have to wait for the weekends and go when Chad's home and talk to the gym director and find out if I can still bring Emma with me, if not the gym will be out.


Oh on another note, I wasn't sure how we were going to do PWOC and Jacob since during the "school year" they don't provide anything for school age children and our chaplain is NOT homeschool supportive at all. Well Chad said that Jacob can go to work with him on Wed mornings, which Jacob is thrilled about. I'll have his school work packed up in a backpack and he can work on his school while there for those 2 to 2 1/2 hrs. I was also talking to a friend who's homeschooling for the first time. Her son is going to take the  babysitting course that's required here on post for kids to babysit and she said that once he's taken it (he has to be 12 and he's 11 right now) that Jacob can go to their place for those 2 hrs. She lives about 2 or 3 minutes from the chapel and it's just across the road from Chad so that will work great as well! God has worked this out everytime since Jacob became too old for childcare at the chapel and I'm so thankful as I truly depend on PWOC to give me a refresher in the middle of my week, it gets me focused on Christ, his word, and fellowship with other Army wives. I truly feel it's one of the places God wants me to be and if it's ever a place he doesn't want me to be he'll close that door. In the mean time though, I'm just so thankful! We actually are on break from PWOC until September which is working perfectly for me with having Emma, taking a break from school, etc! We'll start school up in September.


Ok I'm exhausted so I'm going to bed now. I'll try to add a few new pictures tomorrow or Tuesday.


God Bless


crewsfour said...

Great job on losing the weight and drinking all the water.  Walking is great, I've started doing that with two other ladies and LOVE it!   We go as soon as the kids get on the bus and it feels so good to do something for ME.  I am sure you're going to feel the same way once you are able to start walking and exercising.  I'm also glad you were able to get things worked out with Jacob so you can still attend PWOC, its too bad the chaplain is so against it but at least you've got two great options.  Have a great week - Leene

scotthlori said...

The fact that you are out exercising just rocks!  



candlejmr said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!  How the heck did you lose that weight so darn fast!!!!
Sounds like you've got things planned and it's going to all work out great.  


janid731 said...

YAY :)

Congrat! :)  That nursing is great for losing weight!  Wish Rebekah would have done it longer! :)

Have a great day!

happysunshien said...

:) pictures pictures pictures!  we want pictures! :)  congrats on the wieght loss! :)  woohoooo!


ukgal36 said...

well done you!! I know you're happy..thats an amazing go girl!

deshelestraci said...

Good for you.  Keep up the good work!

pixiedustnme said...

I am so glad everything is falling into place so effortlessly right now.  You sure deserve it!

lifesabench6 said...

First of all Christy- "I'm down 30 lbs! I only gained aprox 20 lbs while pg "- you make me sick!  I gained about 30 lbs, and have never been able to get it off in the past 6 years!!!  I'm just teasing, you know that- but don't you just hate those women who about a day after giving birth look like they never were pregnant?!  You know the ones with NO STOMACH!!!  Oh well- I've finally figured I'm not the type who is flat tummied- even when I was a stick all my growing up years, I still had a pot belly! LOL  I'm glad things are going well with the homeschooling arrangements.  We're getting ready for our co op here now, so I have lots of work to do for my class- this year I'm teaching Survival Skills!  It's gonna be fun!  God Bless you!  Love Carolyn :)

springangel235 said...

Great job...well done.  Hope you have a great week!!
Hugs and love,

cvgflydis said...

I've been trying to lose that "baby fat" since my son was born. Uh, he's 15 years old now. I gained 62 pounds with him, cause everyone kept telling me I was eating for two. My last child, I gained only 26 pounds with, and he was 11 pounds 3.2 ounces at I guess I've learned a bit over the years......Kuddos to you! Get some rest!

sangrialel said...

Yeah!!!  I wish mine would come off that easy!  Linda

emabecmar said...

women who breast feed lose weight a little faster. my sister and my daughter both lost alot of weight when nursing. (((((((hugs)))))

randlprysock said...

Hi Christy!!  Finally a chance for me to pop in and say congratulations!!!!  And I am so impressed with your weight loss plans.  I was just having a fat week last week and really getting tough with myself about it recently because I have gained some pounds I need to lose so maybe we can help motivate eachother.  Okay, I'm off to see if you posted a picture of darling Emma!  WELCOME to Emma!!!!!!!!  So glad the childcare for Jacob is working out for the Bible study.  Hugs,

danielled1 said...

Just be careful about dieting while nursing... :)