Friday, August 31, 2007

A good but long day





We were all up by 8:15 this morning, Chad has a 4 day to love the Army for 4 day weekends, that is definately one of the perks of military life! :) A friend of mine who's husband is currently deployed, her oldest son is in a German school vs the DODDS school or home schooling while living here in Germany. So anyways, since he's in a German school he's been out of school for the month of August and will not go back for another week. She'd initially planneda  trip to Italy, but because it seems everyone else in Germany or all the Italians are returning..the roads leading to Rome are JAM PACKED! She wasn't planning on going to Rome actually, but to a beach, but considering that from where we live to Vecinzia it should only take 6 to 6 1/2 hrs and it took a friend of hers 12 hours and she still would have another 3 hrs past there to go...she didn't want to be stuck in her car for 12 to 15 hrs just trying to GET there! So then she planned another trip, but it got we decided to do Playmobil today! Chad hadn't been with us and she and her boys hadn't been! Jacob and Jack were THRILLED, it's one of their favorite places to go!





We got there at 10:55 and left there a little after 5 pm. We were already tired. On our way we saw Pizza Hut so we'd decided to stop there and have dinner. So glad we did, it actually tasted almost like American Pizza we have a Pizza Hut here on post in our food court and it's DISGUSTING. It's greasier than greasy, the meats taste horrible, friends who like Veggitarian say the veggies are's just simple gross!






Well we had a wonderful, wonderful treat for dinner. It tasted soooooo good! I have not enjoyed pizza much since moving here, I like the pizza on the economy, it's very different than American pizza, it's good but different. Normally if I'm in the mood for pizza Chad makes it and he makes a KILLER pizza. But trust me dinner was good! I know it's sad how much I enjoyed eating dinner tonight! LOL





We are all exhausted though. It's already 11: 30 pm and I'm really not sure how my eyes are even still open. Emma was great today. She did have one sad moment...when we left Playmobil she started crying. I thought once the car started moving she'd be ok, oh no, it got worse. We were all trying everything we could think of to get her to stop. No amount of singing or holding her hand, nothing was working. Finally we found a Kaufland's (more or less a discount store aka like WalMart, Target...) so we pulled in there and I got Emma out, just holding her made her ok, I did nurse her and that made her even  happier. Chad ran in and found an ATM, so we could pay for dinner! She did ok from Kaufland's to Pizza Hut, she fussed a little, but didn't scream.

The boys over all behaved well too. There was a couple times Jacb gave us attitude and Jack felt he could throw a temper tantrum, but Chad and I put an end to both quickly. Neither of us have any patience for that kind of disrespect and disobedience. So it was made clear continue with the bad attitude (Jacob) or the rediculous temper tantrums (Jackson) and we'd simply leave. They both changed their tunes! Other than that, we really had a lot of fun! Let me tell you that 6 hrs at Playmobil is more than enough for 1 day. We are going to buy a season pass, so we can go more often. It'll pay for itself quickly and will ultimately make our trips there cheaper and more frequent!

I did take quite a few pictures, but let me tell you I'm absolutely worn out, I actually think I drifted off for a few minutes a few minutes ago! I will download the pictures onto the computer and upload them here tomorrow most likely.


Tomorrow we're staying home, we have laundry to do and an apartment to clean. How it got to be such a mess is beyond me. Chad's also going to make the boys beds back into bunk beds. I did get Jack's new Cars bedding on his bed tonight and he's so happy to be in his bed tonight! He looked so cute! I got pictures of him in his bed and Jacob was in his bed reading to himself and Jackson!

Well, I'm going to get off of here...finish up a couple things and then head my tired tush to bed, because I know Emma will be up before I'm ready that's for sure!







mumma4evr said...

sounds like a fun day!!

emabecmar said...

glad everyone enjoyed their day. we have a pizza hut here, but there's also over 2000 other pizza places so they don't make much business, due to all the other places. I always liked their salad bar and bread sticks, yummy. I hope you are sleeping right now. Sweet dreams. ((((hugs))))))

ktkamanski said...

I admire your strength. You truly are "What MOM's are made of". GOD bless you and yours - enjoy and have fun!

jckfrstross said...

what a fun day:) have a good weekend


happysunshien said...

ok woman you made me tired....and my busy havent even really started yet...holy cow....I am so tired...Wish I had a baby, I am too tired...think I could just borrow yours for a little bit? :)


pixiedustnme said...

Is there ANYTHING worse than being stuck in a car with a screaming child?  LOL  But I'm so glad you got your pizza.  I know you were craving it!  Sounds like a wonderful day.  Can you imagine...6 hours to Italy.  I mean really, I can't even get to Niagara Falls in 6 hours!

deshelestraci said...

Hey I live in America and have trouble finding good pizza.  So when I do find it I am thrilled!!!  I know what you mean.  Sounds like a fun day.  
Btw, I liked the way you broke up your writing with graphics.  You tend to use tiny font and write lots and my old eyes can't do that much anymore!  

springangel235 said...

Mom's go through so much.  Have a great weekend...hugs and love,

rdautumnsage said...

Young kids always end up draining the energy out of you. It's almost as if they take it from you to keep going. Sounds like a wonderful day was had by all. (Hugs) Indigo