Sunday, August 20, 2006

Thank You

Thank you for the kind words in the comments and emails that you've sent me on the death of my uncle. I was able to talk to my dad a little bit ago, he said he's doing better after a good nights sleep. My dad is #5 out of 12 siblings. Duane was the oldest son, the 2nd child. The only sibling that was not with all of them over the last few days was my Aunt Lori who lives in Colorado. My Uncle Dan had went to work for about 4 hrs, and got to Grandma's just about 1 minute after Duane had died. (Dan's a work-a-holic so I was not shocked that he'd went in for a little while).

All of my dad's siblings and grandma went and finalized all the funeral arrangements yesterday after the funeral home had came and picked up Duane's body. The funeral will be on Wednesday (we have a lot of extended family spread out in surrounding states for the most part, so this will give them time to get to Kansas for the funeral). Today they are going in for the first family viewing. Please be in prayer for all of them. It has sunk in my dad said, but yet it hasn't. I can understand that. They've been going for so many days of little sleep that I think today it will be so extremely difficult for all of them. Tuesday evening will be the official viewing/visitation.

He'll be buried next to our precious Jordyn. My grandma gave us the plot space that Jordyn's buried at (right next to my grandpa), so Duane will be next to her. It's a beautiful resting area, our cemetary is one of the most peaceful places I know of. Beautiful tree's and rolling land.

My precious dad was holding up very well when I talked to him, of course I kept breaking down and that would get to him. I ask that you hold him up. My mom told me that my dad and then all his sisters are the ones who've been there 24 hrs a day for the last few weeks (months) caring for Duane, keeping him comfortable, and doing their best to help Grandma. My parents sold my Grandma and Duane the house they live in (it's the house I grew up in), they only live 1/2 mile away. My mom said that "the girls" truly devoted themselves to taking care of Duane and Grandma and that's truly something I know they can hold onto and know they WERE there and that's what counts. The other brothers came at least once a week, other than the "baby" of the family who's a cross country truck driver so when he was in the area, he always would come out.

Please keep my Aunt Lori in your prayers too. She hadn't been down to see him in a couple months. I'm really not sure her reasoning, but I just think she got caught up in not being able to handle it and not realizing that her brother wanted to see her and wanted her there. She will have her own burdens to carry with this and I ask that you will ask God to be there for her as she deals with any guilt she may have.

Thank you again for being in prayer for my Uncle.


If you smoke, I BEG you to stop. This was not a painfree death. He was getting morphine every 30 minutes on the last full day of his life as well as Haldol to calm him down. He'd been dealing with a great deal of pain for many months. Smoking IS what killed my Uncle. It was his choice and it was a horrible choice. He was not even 60 yrs old...too young to die, so many more years he should have had ahead of him, if he'd made a better choice. I pray if you smoke, you'll choose to live a good, healthy, and longer life.


I'm searching through my pictures right now to see if I can find a picture of him, when I find it I'll post it. He will truly be missed and always loved, by all of us who knew him and were blessed to be related to him.


lv2trnscrb said...

Christy; this must be hard for you too being so far away from them all during this difficult time. You take care of yourself too, okay?


fairylaura said...

I will keep her.. and the entire family in my prayers. Your dad is such a good man for being there. Hugs... take care.


jckfrstross said...

keeping you and your family in prayer:)


deshelestraci said...

Again.  I hope that a few relatives heed the warning and that your uncle didn't die in vain.

scotthlori said...

Gosh, I didn't realize how young he was.  Yes, is a shame.  So sorry for you and your family's loss.


fairylaura said...

Hey Christy, just checking up to see how you're holding up? I hope everyone is doing well. Take care...