Wednesday, July 27, 2005

We're Here!!!

Well we're here in fabulous Germany! It's gorgous! When we arrived on Saturday we had left a VERY HOT and HUMID Kansas (100 degree's and humidity that matched!) we stepped outside in shorts and had quite a chill all over our bare legs and arms. Luckily Chad had warned us it was pretty chilly (ok only in the 60's, but going from HOT-HOT-HOT to that it was chilly! LOL). We had warmer clothes at hand.

Our apartment is HUGE! IT's actually the largest next to Senior NCO housing there is on post! It's definately bigger than the HOUSE we just moved out of! Granted we don't have our own fenced in backyard, but that's ok. Our neighbors who are actually going to be moving in the next few weeks are leaving their outside toys and little blow up pool, and there's a very  nice fenced in park right across the street from us, that we've went to almost every day since we arrived! The boys love it.

The post is not big, and since we don't have a vehicle yet, it's nice to be able to truly walk every where without feeling like you're going to die when you get back. I think we've found almost everything on post. Sunday we walked off post and started exploring a bit, the city is really large, so we'll be exploring it a lot via walking, biking, and driving.

This Friday we're going with Chad and his class that he's been in this past week and going out to eat on the German economy, Chad will have to order in German :) and we'll be going up to the castle, and doing a little shopping if we want (yes we want!!!LOL All I will say is Chad is glad it's payday!). We're going to buy a little car to get us around at least until my van gets here and Chad heads off to Iraq. I may sell it when he leaves, since it'd just be sitting and you can get little cars like this for next to nothing anyways, so if we feel he MUST have a car, which I doubt we will, we can always get one when he gets back.

I don't know if I have shared, Chad will be going back to Iraq in a few months. We're of course not thrilled, but this is the Army life and complaining isn't going to fix it. I know we'll miss him like crazy, but we're going to keep busy traveling and exploring Europe!


We don't have internet at home yet, hopefully next week we'll have something and once we do I'll do more updating. I did weigh myself on Monday and I've officially lost 40 lbs! I think with the way I'm walking I'll have 50 off in the next month at the most 2 months. I really would like to have 60 off by the time Chad leaves for Iraq. I know it's possible. By the time he comes home, he's going to come home to a much smaller wife!!! I think I'm also going to use the daycare a couple times a week so I can go to the gym while Chad is in Iraq as well. We have a VERY,VERY nice gym here on post, I might as well use it, since they spent 12 million dollars on it, and NO POOL! Grrr! Oh well....I'll update more later!


God Bless


bekahbutterflies said...

I'm so happy you're THERE!   I'm sure the temperature change has been nice.  lol.  SO happy that you have a huge house.  Can't wait to move on post next month here.   Congrats on the weight loss.  I'm so proud of you.... i knew you could do it.   Talk to you soon. ~Bekah

fairylaura said...

YAY!!!!!! You're there!!!!!!!!!!!! Well remember to post pics of the place. I've never seen pics from there. CONGRATS on the 40lbs!! WOOHOO!!!!!!! Good luck on getting more off. Take care.


andreaharris26 said...

Hi! I ran across your blog while sittin here in Germany, totally bored out of my mind on a Saturday night! Welcome to Germany! Where are you? My hubby is currently deployed and I see your's is headed off soon. That sucks but it is our life isn't it? Well I thought I'd say hi and welcome you to Germany, we have some things in common (I want to lose weight also, our lifestlye, kids, etc) so if you ever wanna chat after you get settled in you can reach me at armywife_26 on yahoo or andreaharris26 on AIM

Take Care!


prdsoldierswife2 said...

I just wanted to say hello and God bless you and your family...HUGS ~ Sherri