Sunday, April 23, 2006

Help a Family and welcoming "back" a couple friends

I would like to urge all of you to help a family. Their baby Kendall was born premature. She's still in NICU weighing as of April 10 2 lb 10 oz. I hope you'll visit her journal and help her in raising money for March of Dimes:

Life As A Navy Wife & First Time Mother



I would also like to welcome back to blogging, our Kelly(2). She left AOL, well stopped writing there, and is on blogspot and hasn't written since Dec 24, she has recently started back again! Go visit her and encourage her to keep writing. I've missed her!

I also found that a person I had only been reading for a short time, then quit, is back. She used to have Purple Pixie Dust, but has a new one: Music Box Visit Brittany and welcome her back too!



fairylaura said...

I sure will! Thanks!


scotthlori said...

Yaaaa!  Thanks for tellling me about Kelly!  I've missed her!


prdmomie2myangel said...

Thanks Christy! You are such a amazing woman. God Bless you.(crying) I appreciate all the help you can give me with advice and ideas with keeping up with the breast milk. Your right she sure does need every ounce.

Hugs, Katie

orangekiss3 said...

Thanks Hun!